Monday, 3 December 2012


The comic relief is like a break in the midde on a serius and a tragic moment in the scene, specialy in a dramatic moments. I remember in Rec 3, a spanish horror film, that I was laughting all time, I wasn't scared. I think that was my friend that makes me laught because he never had passed a horror moment, she is always laughting and I think that this is contageous... :)

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The master of suspense is Hitchcock who appealed o audience for more than 70 years.
His besst movies are Jaws written in 1975, The godfather writen in 1972, Die hard writen in 1988 and Unforgiven writen in 1992.
Hitchcock use to put characters like villians who nowadays are psychopaths and sociopaths.
He was the first man who puts the subjective camera to revel the psychopaths characters and then the udience will imagine that they are the villian..

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