Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Your Say


I first met Michaela in 2018 for the four years we were studying together at university. I was looking for my class whilst I came across with him. Since then we have been best friends.
She would make a valuable contribution to your school because she has the making of an excellent teacher. I am in no doubt that she has been the best student I’ve known. Not only care of children and speaking well to their families. She knows how to treat boys and girls and how to increase the knowledge of the young and adult people.
Michaela shows great potential and all the necessary personal qualities you are looking for your school. She is an excellent mother of three boys and that means that she is capable of having fun with the guys. Over all she could never be pushy or selfish. Over all she is kind, sympathetic and patient. All these qualities enable him to this job.
For these reason I am more than confident that you won’t be able to be more proud of her than any other person. She is also the most faithful, trustworthy and reliable person you could ever find.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Your Say

From: Jenny Cooper
Sent: 17th December 2013
Subject: Good Idea

Hi Jennie, how are you going in the new city? I know its little bite difficult, I passed the same as you but finally you’ll accustom to it, don’t worry.
I really sorry but I can’t come with you in the morning, I work all the morning but I have free time in the afternoon so it makes easy to meet then.
You can go to Big Fitness, the gym is not more far away than five minutes from your house. I was joined there for a couple of years but then I had to leave it there because I couldn’t do everything. It’s a good gym to join in, undoubtedly.
You can exercise only to days a week if you stay three hours fitting when you are in, so it makes a count of six hours per week that it’s good.
If you want to swim I can teach you all I know, but only if it’s after three in the afternoon and if it’s in the Major Swimming pool of the city.

Tell me if you want to meet,


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Describing someone

· Hello Laia, I have a question.
· Oh Emma, nice to see you. Tell me darling.
· Oh, so cute. Emmh... What do you think about Pikachu?
· Pikachu? That awesome squirrel, cat or bird?
· Hahaha, well, I think it’s a squirrel.
· OMG it’s so extrovert and funny. Why are you asking me that?
· Well, I was watching it and I saw him, I just wanted to know what others people opinion was.
· In my opinion, it’s my hero because he always save the group of the brothers so…
· That is so true; he always wins against the brothers now that’s what I call a hero. He’s the best.
· And what about his body? It’s astonished. I love that yellow.
· Grrr… He is so sexy hahaha. Well go to go. Thanks for your opinion. Bye. Love you.
· No! Don’t go now please. Have you seen Doraemon?
· Oh, yes buf… The end of the series is so sad.
· Yes I know… Who’s going to finish a series like that? It has to be a very cold person.
· Yes, lots of kids killed them self when they saw that. So sad…
· But, how do you think is this person? The director I mean…
· He looked like someone that loved little kids but with that end I think he is a cold heart, so, so, horrible!
· Yes... I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m going to look after my cousins and they enjoy looking Sangoku.  I don’t like it… It’s boring and it doesn’t have much sense.
· TV shows aren’t like old times. Now it’s all violence.
· Yes, you are true. Well I have to go now, I’m late. See you tomorrow darling.
· OK bye see you tomorrow baby. Kisses.
· Love you.