Friday, 28 March 2014

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You couldn’t imagine what happened to me in Myanmar. I went there with my husband years ago, in summer. I think that this is the most exciting trip I’ve ever done. The story went this way:

In the morning we went to visit the city and as we walked a lot we were exhausted. It was too hot outside, nearly forty degrees and as you can imagine we sweated a lot. After we had had lunch we rested the siesta in our bungalow for a couple of hours. I wake up first and I went to check my make-up. Meanwhile I was in the bad room, my husband woke up too. I was nearly to finished when I listened him shouting: “Look” there’s a spider above the television on the wall!” I didn’t take care of it and without much interest I just said “Kill it”. Understand me; I thought it was a little spider, not a fourteen-centimetre-long one. My husband was paralyzed, he was in a shock. I immediately called the reception and they came in an open and close of the eyes. We thought that just one man were enough but they came five big ones. It took me by surprise.

At the same time they were taking a leader, I helped my husband to come to earth again. The man sprayed the spider and it felt on the floor unconsciously.

I’m not sure of what happened that afternoon… everything passed too quickly. What’s better is that I slept like a baby that night. If like nothing had happened.

Luckily we didn’t see another spider during the holidays. It’s been a memorable day, as the face my husband made because I’d never seen him like this. It was so funny!

Monday, 24 March 2014


Thursday, 20 of March, 2014

This has been my first day to London. What a stressful day!! I went to England three years ago but I just stayed one day in London. This time is different; I'm going to stay here for four days.

Today I woke up at half past two because we need to stay at half past three in the high school. We had to be at the airport at six because our flight took off at half pass eight. I couldn't sleep during the trip to the airport and to London neither I could.

After the long trip, we had to stay one hour more in a bus for take us to the hostel "Elephant and Castle" SAFESTAY. All of us were excited to arrive finally to our "home" because it was full of colours; the hostel was beautiful and modern. But we couldn't go to our room because they weren’t finished and we had to wait till the night. Meanwhile we went to visit all the monuments and museums we could. Firstly we went to have lunch in front of the Big Ben and the London Eye, by underground. For my view the Big Ben was still as smaller as I saw it for the first time, and the London Eye was as awesome as the same time I saw it three years ago. Then, we went to see the place where the change of hour takes place. Then we went through the street till arrive to Piccadilly Circus, Times Square and Oxford street. After a long walk we went to the hostel.

I don’t know if I was the unique one but I had a shower and I went to bed. OMG I was so exhausted!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Your Say

Dear Lixie,

You couldn’t imagine where I am. I’m in Africa, living there for a couple of months with Namibia people. I know I told you I would never live in a place live that but I radically change my mind.
It’s absolutely amazing how they live. They collect their food, they feed their animals and they eat them too.
Everything they use the thing they had done for themselves.
Here everyone lives like a big family. Everyone helps to teach other, even if you are a foreigner.
Their houses are peculiar because they are made from wood and they are very resistant. It doesn’t rain a lot and there’s not a lot of water.
But, guess what? I’m still alive! I think that it’s not just the different food I eat what gives me the strength… It’s the love of all those awesome people.
I don’t mind they are poor, because they have passed a lot of extremely bad times in their life… these incredible tribes are different from us. And I really love the way they see the things, the world and their point of view.
Saying that, I think I will stay for longer than two month.
You have to come, because you will love them. They are amazing.
Come and see it by yourself.
Send me a letter back, please.
Lots of love,

Your Say


Can you imagine a new world full of different colours? What would you think if people get mad and start changing the usual colours to unusual ones? I would get extremely enthusiastic.

People will be thoughtful and easy-going because things with colours make us more outgoing. Colours are the key to make us challenge our personality and even more in these times.

We are living in a period of crisis and people are grumpy and moody more than many years ago. A colourful life is what we need to disconnect!

Why don’t we paint the trees blue? Why don’t we paint the roads pink? Have you ever thought that? Technology has created many things, why couldn’t it create something to paint big structures?

As far as I’m concerned, I agree to change the boring things to agreeable objects. Let’s change our reserved character to a joyful one! Let’s paint the city with the colours of the rainbow! Everything is possible with a little bite of hope and enthusiasm.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Describing a photo connected with the request of the volunteering in Reef Conservation

Al the top of the photo we can see a perfectly transparent and blue water. It’s so clean and it transmits a lot of purity to me.

At the centre of the picture we can appreciate a majestic reef with it smalls and cute fishes swinging around it. They are orange with a good looking shape. The reef is absolutely adorable because of the colour, although you can find it as a simple reef, I consider that’s so valuable and that’s an argument that can be supported by many other divers.

The background is more or less the same; there are many reefs with its colours and silhouettes.  

I really like this photo because it makes me feel as if I were diving around the picture, as if I were there. Another reason why I find it gorgeous is because of the impact of the colours; all the background with a perfect blue, at the middle a subdued green reef and at the top of the reef an impact of colour on account of the fishes.

All the picture in itself passes on a movement, the form of the positions of the fishes are simply awesome…

I’m looking forward to go just right now, looking at those photos make me feel impatient to go and do the volunteering helping with the conservation with this awesome landscape.

A request for a place: Reef Conservation in the Caribbean

Tuesday 4, March 2014
From: Laia Dalmau, (

      6th Floor Cl Tower
      St Georges Square
      High Street
      New Malden
      Surrey KT3 4TE
      United Kingdom

Dear company of Gap Year,

I’m Laia Dalmau and I’m sixteen-year-old girl who wants to join with the opportunity of a volunteer in The Reef Conservation in the Caribbean.
Apart from helping in everything I would do, I want to learn as much as possible in addition to have contact with the sea.
I’m a person who really enjoys being outside finding out new experiences, a person very zealous in what I have to do and moreover when it’s something I love.
I really like taking care of animals and persons so I’m available in volunteering in something relationated with animals as well as persons.
I’m really interested in your programme but as matter of fact I’ve never dived before. Nevertheless I’m ready to learn every technique as well as possible.
To be honest, I desire to make a real difference in conservation in addition to contribute in new studies.
Another reason why I want to join is because, personally, the Caribbean shows a very relaxed place where to live.
To sum up all the reasons you should take into consideration my request is because I’m a binding girl who works with passion. I’m so cheerful and I manage working in groups. I’m good taking care of animals and persons and I’m looking forward to live new experiences as travelling and learning to dive.
Thank you very much for you time,
Kind regards


In FortiĆ , 4 of March in 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Gap Year

Many students take the gap year to disconnect from the homework and the exams. Others take the gap year for the experience of making something different. Not only the students take a gap year, writers, composers, producers or others with different jobs have one for the inspiration.
A gap year would be for live life, for inspirations, because of the experience or for take money too.
It would be like being in other country and work there to increase the knowledge’s or because the family needs money. You can be OK or you can pass it bad. For example, if you go and have fun meanwhile you are working there's no problem, but if you have to take a gap year because of the money it's difference because you must clean or work bad for just a couple of euros. More over if you are bad paid you must stay more years. I think that these are not a gap year. It's a way of making your life possible.

If I had to take a Gap year I would take it as a volunteer in a country that had happen a disaster like Ethiopia or Filipinas. I won't like to go there alone; I would like to bring my boyfriend with me because I can feel lonely.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

A New


Having nightmares it’s very common. But if it’s persistence it’s a sign of mental illness. Nightmares with screams and thrashing limbs it’s another prove of it. It’s studied that 37% of the children have this problem between the age of 3 and 7. But not only in these ages is it proving to have this problem.

The professor Dieter Wolke, one of the investigators of the University of Warwich, said “Nightmares are relatively common, as are night terrors, it’s quite normal, but if they persist then may be something early in life”.

It’s said that this can come from bulling or other traumatic events early in life.
This nightmare can cause more serious problem in the future.

To avoid this problem, professor Wolke said that we need to have a regular sleep, not to see anxiety-promoting films before bed and not to have an open computer at night.
This study is very important to avoid mental illness in the future.

I think that’s important because I have this nightmares and whatever the solution would be it’s good to know more about it.