Monday, 14 January 2013


This year I wish 3 thing not one more, not one less:
The first and the most important wish is my sister to get well. I hope the doctors know what she has in the less time possible, then when she'll get better we are going to do the things we couldn't do in those horrible months.
The second wish as imporant as the first is to spend more time with my family and the objetive to get on better with each other more than the last years.
The third wish not less important than the first is to have health and luck for everyone of my famiy.

Those are the wishes that I could like to make real in this year.

The objectives that I want to pass through in this year are:
The first is to have better character: not to shout to my famiy, so I'll try to speak them in a low and polite voice to them.
The second objective is to check an efford to look were I do mistakes in ortography in spanish.
My last objective is to study a lot english for prepare oneself to take the official First Certificate exam to pass it in two year time. I'll create a tipe of diccionary for the new strange vocabulary for then study it.


I chosse this foto because it shows that if the bridge that help us to cross te ocean for found and to learn more things ends, it means that it's the time to begin building the bridge for make sure we get all thing we want.
As I say... GO FOR IT.