Thursday, 30 April 2015

Formal letter

                                                                                                                         Laia Dalmau
                                                                                                                         Pericu, 24
                                                                                                                         Vila, Spain
   White House
   Washington DC
                                                                                                           30, April 2015

   Dear Mr President Barack Obama,

I am a high school student and my name is Laia Dalmau. I am writting to give my consence of the conferences made in many schools around United States of America.

I personally would not apreciate more than emphasis put on all those speches to the High Schools Amican students. I do really believe it is a good, a brilliant, way of motivation for everyonw who is thinking about giving up the studies. I am sure most od the listeners, after the spech, suceed in their lifes, in their atudies, in their job, etc.

Knowing alll the work required by a president, it is amazin the time spent for motivation speches. Thats why I do really want to thank you for all your effort put on it.

Nevertheless, I would really like to take into concideration the fact that, maybe, all these speches can be also made so as to contribute in make all the human rights be everywhere and for everyone come true. Do not ever think about a world without anyone suffering from starvation or suffering because her/him does not have any shelter?

Looking forward to your promote reply,

Laia Dalmau

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Informal letter: Nomophobic friend

Me: ...and then we went to the beach and my breother couldn't wait anymore to have a swim. So... Yes! I've had a very good weekend and then... Emily! Are you listening to me?

Emily: What? Wait a sec please. Oh my God! What lovely shoes... I must get them.

Me: Well... I think I'm  going home, you aren't listening to me and I'm wasting my time, gotta do lot of homework.

Emily: What the hell?! It's not working! There's no Wifi in here? Excuse me Sir, what's the Wifi code?

Me: Emily!

Emily: Oh, Sarah, excuse me...

Me: No! I'm not going to forgive you. You're sick! You're nomophobic!

Emily: No I'm not!

Me: Yes you are. Give me your phone, then.

Emily: What?! I'm not going to do that. Are you kidding me?

Me: No I'm not!. You're. Do you know which is the percentage of nomophobics people as our age? A 77% of the population. And I'm pretty sure you're one of them. You're all the time with the mobile phone, connected to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, shop online apps... You feel a special atraction to it. You've  indomnia, fear of being apart from your phone, horrorified when it's turning off battery... And what's worst.. You are on the age of losing face to face communication and friends.

Emily: I don't want to lose you.

Me: Me neither but your dependance on your mobile phone is running our friendship out. Aren't you seeing it?

Emily: I just want to be worldwire connected.

Me: And you keep on mind deffending this stupid machine... I can't believe it!

Emily: You should stop shouting at me.

Me: And you should go to a psicologist. I'm tired of being the only onw interested in keeping in touch with each other. Just call me when your mobile phone is off your life.

Emily: Sarah! Wait!

Waiter: Madam, here you have the Wifi code.

Emily: Oh thank you! OMG! Look at Mileys party! Gotta tweet it.