Sunday, 30 November 2014

News: First Amphibious "Sea Monster" found

Christie Dell’Amore wrote in the National Geographic a stunning discovery about a fossil of the newfound icthyosaur on November 5, 2014.

Cartorhynchus lenticorpus fossil unearthed in China shows that this dinosaur-era sea reptile was able to live in both land and water. Moreover, it’s the first amphibious “sea monster” ever found.

This icthyosaur is very important because it fills a crucial gap in the evolution of the “dolphin predators”. It lived on the Jurassic during about 200 million to 145 million years ago.

It physics is based from the fossil to have 20 metres in length, short snout and large flippers. It’s supposed to be flexible, with wrist to be able to crawl on land, stubby limbs and thick rib bones as have power to swim through waves. In fact, their flippers were so small that palaeontologists think that they weren’t a very fast amphibious.

Palaeontologists suspect that there could be more of this species out there and when they first saw it all of them were puzzled.

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I am extremely apasionated to archaeology and when I was reading this news I got astonished. It's awesome to find out new fossils in the world so that we can build the history again.
Can you imagine a creature with such a large body swiming or dragging around you? Of course I would be terrified but also plenty of pride.
I'd also love being in that investigation...

News: Florida high school band director busted for sex with two students

Meg warner wrote a new on the Daily News on November 29, 2014 about the story of Steven Velez.

Steven Velez is a 25 year old school band director and he was busted for having sex with two students of the school in his office and in his house. Those girls were about 17 year old. But when the sex acts started they just had 16.

Steven Velez was arrested on Tuesday and he is now charged with two counts of committing unlawful sexual acts with minors. He was resigned from his job when last week cops starts probing student allegations.

From my point of view, I think that the girls weren’t thought to be abused because they started writing each other’s and then sex wasn’t forced. So Steven Velez is just charged because of unlawful acts, not for abuse ones.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

News: Silent man in werewolf mask shoots worker in California

Faith Karimi and Anne Claire Stapleton wrote in the CNN news a very intrigued and surprising new on November 29, 2014.

A man wearing a werewolf mask shot down a worker at a check-cashing business in Southern California for no clear reason. Police are doing research for this 54 year old man and also a reason for this madness.

The co-worker of the shot employer said that this mysterious man said no word when he entered to the shop, he just shoot on the co-worker head.

Moreover, the store was close for renovations so the shooter came into from the back doors, which were opened.

After the shooting the assailant took off on foot and the victim is now being treated at a local hospital.

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Really? What a hell is going on in world? Why do we have to destroy between us?
In many many years our descendants will ask and discuss with others what kind of realation our generation had. I supose they will imagine we were crazy or that we were increasing the levels of ignorance. We are being the worst generation in our existance. And if all of us have to be like this "werewolf crazy and stupid man" it's better not to live in here.

News: Nightclubs for literature?

Johan Nylander wrote in the CNN on November 24, 2014 an article.

A bookshop in central Taipei called The Eslite is opened 24 hours a day. This is why book selling is booming in Taiwan.

Young and old people stay in the store reading on the tables, deeply engrossed in literary words. Ones are in the table, others standing up, sitting and lying down on the floor… but all of them in hushed silence.

Wen Hsuan Chang confirms that many people in Taipei do many things at night. This man is a teacher but also one of the most people who stays in the store at night.

Not only you can go and read in The Eslite on Taipei, there are around 42 stores in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and in the future more in Chine, but The Eslite was firstly opened in 1989.

News: Spider Monkeys kill male babies

Melissa Hogenboom wrote in BBC on 26/11/14 a new study made by observing a special mammal.

This new study has found that male SpiderMonkeys kill male babies from the same social group. And what’s more, they do this in order to prevent sexual competition between the males in the group. Even if it had been recorded five times it seems to be an alert for field researchers.

And they were right because the last long-term project recorded this infanticide more reiterative. So this behaviour is being more common every day. And it’s true to say that as many new males as much death threat will be.

Moreover, this investigation explains why Spider Monkeys female-biased sex ratios had.

This new contributes more information of infanticide in mammals. Over 119 species are known to commit this outrage and specially 35 of them are primate species.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Your-say: Short Story / Adventure

My nightmare journey

I and my family decided to spend the Christmas holidays out for a couple of days. As my sister wanted to go to London and my mother agreed with her, that was our destination. I didn’t care where to go because I just wanted to go out and disconnect a little bit.

Everything went right till the departure gate time. The flight attendant asked for our passport and then I realized that I forgot it on the living room table. I got very nervous because I couldn’t travel without my passport and we couldn’t take our flight.

We went to the information desk and they told us we could take the next flight. So, we went home, I picked up my passport and we went back to the airport to take our flight. I’ll never be as anxious as that day.

Your-say: Formal Letter

To the manager

I am writing to express apologies for the students’ behaviour last weekend in your hostel. I could not agree more with your complain but there is a reason why the students were so excited and hyperactive.

Firstly, I must clarify that those students are all very gifted and all of them were punctiliously selected for a new total immersion maths course. As a matter of fact, the afternoon when the facts took place they had conquested a State Maths Competition with a majestic difference on the scoreboard. Secondly, I would therefore like you to comprehend the teenage delight on account of the victory. I would be very grateful if you could forget the incident that arose in your home-loving hostel as we are disposed to transfer the required amount of money to pay all the imperfections.

I should also like to point out that we had been selected for a Major State Math Tournament and, despite the irrelevant misapprehension; we would like to wear your publicity on our regimentals. We would appreciate it if you would accept our proposal with the aim expectation of accepting our regrets.

I very much hope you will give this matter your immediate attention; I look forward to receiving a letter with your determination.

Yours faithfully,

Events’ Organizer, Laia Dalmau

Your-say: Formal letter

Dear Mr Evans,

I recently saw your advertisement in the time table of the University and I would like to apply for the summer tourist guide work place.
Since I was a child I have been studying many languages like Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French and, of course, English. I have recently taken Advanced English Esol Exam and I am absolutely sure I would not be more than prepared for this job.
Moreover, I have had some experience of how to communicate to people who are not having a good time in their life. So I am particularly good at making people laugh and feel comfortable.
Another reason why application for it is that I have been living here all my childhood and, as a matter of fact, I know every single street or corner in the city.
I hope I have had a good impression on you and if you could consider my appliment I would not be more than pleased to you. I am extremely enthusiastic about this job and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,


Oral presentation : The idea of beauty during those two last centuries

This is the oral presentation that I and Anna C. did in class.

<iframe src=";lock_to_path=0&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0&amp;features=undefined&amp;token=undefined&amp;disabled_features=undefined" width="550" height="400" frameBorder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozAllowFullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are going to talk about how the idea of bwauty in womans has changed during the last century. Some of the powerful tools are the use of the make up and the comercials which had a big influence in womens in that age. Different from now, which is the photoshop.

At the begining of the 20th century the idea of beauty was the "Gibson Girls" as you can see in the photo. This idea was from a man called Charles Dana Gibson. The Gibbson Girl were bades to have large bust, wide hips and a very tight waist. Their hair was particulary bulky and messy. Being a Gibbson Girl was the trend in America. Moreover, if we see a Gibson Girl like Cathie Jung we find it odd.

This movement ends with the new ideal of femine called Flappers. The stile was inspired in charlestone: a bobbed short hair and a squared body. Their dresses were sparkly and lose. The Flapper Girls were scandalous because smoking was a trend and men found it sexy.

Mae West was a Hollywood star. She was considered a Flapper but with some changes which created the new movement with the name of this woman. She introduced again the curves with the narrow long dresses but her sttitude was like the Flappers. As Mae West said: "Cultivate your curves- they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided". Another influence was Audrey Hepburn.

During the World War II the idea of the perfect body changed radically. American women were inspired in the dancer and actress Rita Hayworth, the new movement. Their skin had to be flauless, without imperfections and also a thin body.

In the 50's Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest influence of the time. The womens inspired in her were suposed to have long legs and Busty Hourglass bodies. They liked to show a lot of ther skin, not wearing too much robes. As Marilyn said: "The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up".
In 1952 took place the first Anual International Miss Universe beauty contest.

The 60's were very similar to the 50's but now the inspiration was Twiggy Lauson. Moreover, in the 70's the number of women who had anorexia increased in that time. The ideal women was the actress Farrah Faucet. She had a very natural look without make up, with the flowing hair and a toned body.

In the 80's the idea of an athletic and thin body was more popular. The stile was colorful and sporty. This movement of hardbodies was inspired by Jane Fonda. You might recognize her.

Since the 90's until now the idea of beauty for woman was to be more and more thin. The fashion was to show that you were thin. An example of the 90's is Kate Moss with her pale skin. The big difference between the last year and the beggining of the 21's century is that the ideal beauty id to be like the Victoria's Secret Models. They are tall, thin, with a lot of make up, having and angelical face and a big brest. Like the Brazilian Model Adriana Lima.

Nowadays the beauty industry is changing a little bit. They are trying to find models who stand out from the rest. For example, having wide eyebrows is not an imperfection if you can embrace it like Cara Delevigne, or having a space between the first teeth like Ruth Grilly.
Another very important current in social networks such as Instagram and Tumblr is to have the thing gap. It's a space between the tights.

The consecuences of the strict trend during the last years are:
- eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
- the abuse of photoshop and make up everywhere
- the discrimination of the woman who doesn't fit in the actual prototip
- the use of botox and a lot of plastic operations
- more mental diseases because of the low self-esteem.

We would like to know your opinion, if you know more consecuences and think about if we are doing somthing wrong in all this consequences.

Finally we want to remark some beauty industries which are fighting for an equal treatment for all tipes of women like Dove and H&M.

An astonishing fact is that only a 4% of woman world wide consides themselves beautful acording to a research of Dove.

Our opinion is that all of us have the beauty inside. We musn't take on consideration the exterior beauty, there shouldn't be any prototipe of beauty.

This is our oral presentation of the evolution of the idea of beauty in the 20's century until now. 
Do you have any question?
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for listening (reading).