Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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Ballerina found dead after internet fantasy “spiralled out of control “

Tallulah Wilson was a fifteen-year-old pupil of the Royal Ballet School. She became an internet addict because she said she didn’t have friends in the real world. Tallulah increased the hours in the net at the same time she started to drink and take cocaine. She founded well in internet because 18000 people love her for who she was.

What was she doing in the net because of that popularity? Simple, she posted pictures and videos of herself with self-inflicted cuts. She didn’t want to do that, people told her to do it. As she did everything they wanted, Tallulah had more and more viewers.

This become out of control as one day, on October, she took an overdose and died. Her mother found her surrounded by packets of pills and moreover she was scrunched up in a ball crying.

After she committed suicide, the police found the journal of Tallulah where she write the words; <I’m fat >, <worthless>, <what am I? You are nothing>, <ugly>… All of those words were very repeatedly and with big capital letters.

People couldn’t understand why she did that, she was beautiful, she was a very lovely girls, she was the most gifted and confident ballerina, an outgoing girl… anyone knew what was the “trigger” of her behaviour. What they knew was that everything changed in February in the half-term that become a disaster on October.

The Telegraph newspaper, 22/28 january 2014

She is Tallulah, she is beautiful as you can see...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A New


Rosdeep Kular of thirty-three years old is mother of Mikaeel Kular of three years old. She would go to prison because is condemned from killing her son. After finding the body of the boy twenty-five miles away from home, Rosdeep had been detained. This happened in Fife, Edinburgh.

Around two hundred people were finding Mikaeel after the announcement of his disappearance. Meanwhile the searching, about five-hundred calls arrived to the police to thank the search they were doing. The people who praised them were familiars, friends and people who cared a lot of Mikaeel. And that’s not all; more hundreds of people went to the church to gather the death of the little boy. Everybody bring floral tributes as well as toys and candles in a park near where Mikaeel lived.


The boy (left) is Mikaeel Kular and the photo represents all the toys, floral tributes amb candles in the park near were he lived.

The Clonation, legal or ilegal?

What's the clonation? Does it mean to make a new life, or to create a monster? My impression is none of those possibilities. It is true that we can take advantage of it. But I’m not sure of it. I’ll explain you…
Imagine a world empty of clonated persons. Could you difference between the real person from the false one? No! You know why? Because they look like the same person, they have the same DNA and moreover their character is identic.

If this happens, I will get mad, crazy. It is hard enough to distinguee between twins. No more!
Not just because I couldn’t say who is who, I disagree with clonation for other reasons.

Instead of being possible, the possibility to make a clonated animal is small. It’s like all their bodies are degenerative since they have been created. They even can live a couple of months. The scientists are off their head! They don’t know what they are doing. They are creating life and after that it dies.

This must be ban, outlawed. If I were a politician, I would revoke all those kind of investigations. And if I were a scientist, I would make the possible to make the clonations defective.

Only if the study of clonation was half per cent sure and possible, I would approve it.

Rubbish! They won’t do it. We are not made to be two persons at the same time. We are unique and we don’t have to let them play with our health and life.