Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Your Say


I first met Michaela in 2018 for the four years we were studying together at university. I was looking for my class whilst I came across with him. Since then we have been best friends.
She would make a valuable contribution to your school because she has the making of an excellent teacher. I am in no doubt that she has been the best student I’ve known. Not only care of children and speaking well to their families. She knows how to treat boys and girls and how to increase the knowledge of the young and adult people.
Michaela shows great potential and all the necessary personal qualities you are looking for your school. She is an excellent mother of three boys and that means that she is capable of having fun with the guys. Over all she could never be pushy or selfish. Over all she is kind, sympathetic and patient. All these qualities enable him to this job.
For these reason I am more than confident that you won’t be able to be more proud of her than any other person. She is also the most faithful, trustworthy and reliable person you could ever find.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Your Say

From: Jenny Cooper
Sent: 17th December 2013
Subject: Good Idea

Hi Jennie, how are you going in the new city? I know its little bite difficult, I passed the same as you but finally you’ll accustom to it, don’t worry.
I really sorry but I can’t come with you in the morning, I work all the morning but I have free time in the afternoon so it makes easy to meet then.
You can go to Big Fitness, the gym is not more far away than five minutes from your house. I was joined there for a couple of years but then I had to leave it there because I couldn’t do everything. It’s a good gym to join in, undoubtedly.
You can exercise only to days a week if you stay three hours fitting when you are in, so it makes a count of six hours per week that it’s good.
If you want to swim I can teach you all I know, but only if it’s after three in the afternoon and if it’s in the Major Swimming pool of the city.

Tell me if you want to meet,


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Describing someone

· Hello Laia, I have a question.
· Oh Emma, nice to see you. Tell me darling.
· Oh, so cute. Emmh... What do you think about Pikachu?
· Pikachu? That awesome squirrel, cat or bird?
· Hahaha, well, I think it’s a squirrel.
· OMG it’s so extrovert and funny. Why are you asking me that?
· Well, I was watching it and I saw him, I just wanted to know what others people opinion was.
· In my opinion, it’s my hero because he always save the group of the brothers so…
· That is so true; he always wins against the brothers now that’s what I call a hero. He’s the best.
· And what about his body? It’s astonished. I love that yellow.
· Grrr… He is so sexy hahaha. Well go to go. Thanks for your opinion. Bye. Love you.
· No! Don’t go now please. Have you seen Doraemon?
· Oh, yes buf… The end of the series is so sad.
· Yes I know… Who’s going to finish a series like that? It has to be a very cold person.
· Yes, lots of kids killed them self when they saw that. So sad…
· But, how do you think is this person? The director I mean…
· He looked like someone that loved little kids but with that end I think he is a cold heart, so, so, horrible!
· Yes... I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m going to look after my cousins and they enjoy looking Sangoku.  I don’t like it… It’s boring and it doesn’t have much sense.
· TV shows aren’t like old times. Now it’s all violence.
· Yes, you are true. Well I have to go now, I’m late. See you tomorrow darling.
· OK bye see you tomorrow baby. Kisses.
· Love you.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Review


I recently saw catching fire, the film by Francis Lawrence. It's based on the saga of Sussan Collins called The hunger Games wich it's one of my favourite one.

In the first place I have to compare the first to films because they are absolutely different from my point of view. Without doubts I prefer the first one. It was more exciting and powerful than the second one. On top of that the second was little boring and I expected more than I thought. I stayed there with the hoppeful of what was ging to happen but it was always a lineal story. Maybe because I have readen the book and I kneew the end but I think that this is not the reason why. So, the first one was better than the second one.

It tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, the winer of the 74th Hunger Games that has to return to the arena for the 75th Hunger Games. The second film focus more in the revelution that is taking part to Panem. The preident Snow doesn't like the revelatory breeze she is bringing to the districts and he is going to do everything what is in his hand to make a harder live to Katniss Everdeen. If she doesn't do what he wants, he guaranteed her that will hurt all the persons she love for example to her sister Prim, to her mother, to Gale...

As far as I'm concerned I have to say that the history is so good because I'd nevere expect any book of film like the Hunger Games. It differnt from all the other books I have read and thats why I love them.

I certainly woul'd recomend the books more than the film but I advice you that you can be disappointed with film.

A new



Three Milanese girls ( Viviana Volcipella, Marta Ferri and Cecilia Bringheli) are making an endeavor for planning a new style of shoes with a breeze of holiday season. This entrepreneurs are dessigning a modern and colorful shod wich will give you a shot of  summer on your feed.

Be stilish in the Viviannas point of view is wearing a little bitte of color in your clothes. That's the reason why her new slippers will be glamorously full of color. What's more, this new design will have a touch of Brazilian edge.

Marta wants to change a little bit the  birkenstock shoe. Those will make a spin on the girls fashion. The birkenstock shoe is confortable and it will be different becuase she is going to put a gold buckle or a methalic leather piping.

In the end Cecilia renovates those apparently old shoes using  calfskin and a natty herringbone. The apparently old shoes will be extravagant in fashion.

As a result, this three Milanese designed a new line of shoe that will bring the old to the new fahion.

Friday, 29 November 2013

A new



A nineteen year old teenager, called Pettet Clayton,  wants to lose his virginity in a special way. He want to lose it in front of a crowded London art gallery.  Pettet is a "gay" student of art and he is going to do it because he wants to record a project or school and he thowgth that it could be a good task for shcool. The project once finished will be called "Art school stole my virginity". It is going to took place in 25 of june
This idea came to him when he was sixteen and when all his friend were losing the virginity except of Pettet.

Teen to lose virginity in gay sex 'art' show
                                                    The guy of the photo is Petter Clayton.

more information: 

A new


See video first, THANKS

The ekso exoskeleton is a robot wich helps walking to the paralized persons. This robot it's like an esqueleton and this is the why of its name.
The Ekso has a back with all the programation and two legs wich those holds the legs of the paralized person.
This firstly was build to heps the soldiers be stronger and quicklyer. Nowadays it's used to help people with the desease of paralitics.
The Ekso is the revolution of the new thecnology-biology.
Only seeing the video you can see the happines in their faces when they are up and the robot is making them walking. They are happy to be taller and above all to walk on her foot.
As far as I'm concerned the ekso exoskeleton is the revolution of the new technologies especially for all those peolple that thanks to the ekso they can walk again. I'm very happy of the existance of this robot because it sho that everybody is able to what they want to without limits.

Your say


If I’m influenced by celebrities? No way!! Actually they are who are influenced by me!! No, no… I’m joking, I’m joking…
I think that anyone has to be influenced for anyone. In fact, everybody must wear what they really want to wear, his/her fashion. Dress up with what you are comfortable and confident moreover happy and proud of you. What I’m trying to say is that everybody has to be who they are, live his/her life and not the others one.
Imagine a world where everybody is dressing the same style of clothes… If you can imagine it tell me because I have no idea of how it could be. It will be horrible!!
In my point of view celebrities want to stand out from everyone because they normally wear such a strange robes. A very huge among of paparazzi follows them to everywhere and furthermore it’s like they don’t mind at all. That’s because they are living their lives without caring what the followers can opine.
A few years ago, I was upset because everybody talked badly about me because of my bad way of dressing. Nowadays I don’t really take care of it. Do you know why? Because I don’t mind what they say to me now. I’m living my life to my way. And those who doesn’t like it… F*** them! They just criticize you because they don’t know what to do than to pester the weak people. But know you what? You are stronger than you think, more than all those ignorant persons.
Don’t let them influence you, be yourself and do what you what to do without regrets.

Let’s make our fashion!

Your say


I have travelled a lot around the world with all means od transport. If I had to choose one I would take the boat. I know that once you are in the sea far away from the coast the only thing you can see is wather. What I like of travelling by boat is the swing movement caused by the sea waves.

I'm a very sensitive person and I notice movements or noises that not everyone can feel. When I'm in the whater, swimming, I can feel the calm and the peace in me. It's very difficult to describe if you have never tried not to listen or see anything under the whter, of course you can't understand what I'm talking about.

More or less this is what happens when I'm sailing, I can percieve the swing of the boat. It's incredibly calm being there on the deck, listening the waves hitting against one another, seeing the dolphins jumping near the boat meanwhile the sunset is on the background, the bleeze caresses your face and the sun iluminates your dreams wich are in your head.

For me it's a routine when I'm travelling by boat but I garantee that if I could afford it, I would like to spend my whole life on it. I could never feed up of this feeling. I'm confident and sure of what I want in life and that's the reason why I go swimming more than twice a week. It's like if the water is the connector to happines and hope in my life.

To finish with I am going to give you some advice: try to dive deep in the water and stay there for a couple of seconds, let the waves of the sea move you and think who you are and in what you want to succeed in life

Dolphin Jump Wallpaper

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Your say


What's the real meaning of fashion? Wearing cool robes, wearing expensive clothes or wearing what is fashionable...
For me fashion is the simple concept of dresing up. It doesn't matter what you are wearing, though I know that the clothes represent who you are.
My style isn't an exact style because I can dress to a skirt to a trainers and I'm confotable in both. If I have to choose one I think I'm going to choose the trainers. I don't know... Depending on the day. If it's sunny I'll choose a skinny jeans or a dress.
Famous people, in important events, dress with a non concret form. For example Lady Gaga. She is awesome and georgeous. She does what ever she wants to so as Miley Cyrus. They don't care of what people will say to them and It is very important to compare in oursalves. We just think of hat he or she will say, what will think... We are depending on people when we have to live our lives.
This can help a lot with the way of dressing up because it make us feel good and sure of ourselves.
Retourning to the fashion... If I could have all the money in the world of course I won't waste it at all in fashion. I'll not waste any euro in clothes. I'll buy clothes for who can't afford to have it, that's different. The poor people can dress cool too.
I have friends who dresses so well that I admire them for the courage they have to dress like they dress. It's simply awesome.
I wouldn't describe me as a fashionable person but also I don't wanna dress too cool because I don't want to be the point of veew of anyone.

Friday, 15 November 2013

What I have lerned from all the presentations?

One amazing thing I have lerned is that french people are always unpuntual... I had no idea of that and now I know that if I want to meet with a french person I'll say to them at least half hour before the real meeting time.

Some people can look at you badly if you wear pink short in Saturday !!! I have pink shorts and anyone in my country had looked at me like that... That's such a strange point of view... Don't you think so?

I even know that people can be burie in the sky. They throw the coffin with the desease to the space and everything throwed desintegrate in the space. What it realistic is that this kind of funeral is very expensive...

Except of other thing, I learned to that chinese people shout meanwhile they are eating. I shout with my family because we argue but when I'm eating I'm concentrated of what I'm putting in my mouth, not to try to speack as much louder as I can.

I have enjoyed a lot with all the presentations. There were different kind of tasks and had been too interesting. There were many crazy presentations that has amazed me for how different people can be depending of where you grew up. The presentation I had enjoied more is Edith and Nurias pressi as their video. The second one is from Esther and Angelia. Congratulations to everyone for that awesome tasks!!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

CULTURES: A viking funeral

In this page you can find my presentation made in a prezi.


Here's the recorder meanwhile I was doing the presentation.

Your Say

From: Laia Dalmau
Sent: 6th May
Subject: I help you!

Lovely to get your e-mail Johnny, I though you had forgotten me. I didn't send anything to you before because I moved to the city. I had to choose a good flat to live in and there were some problems with the forniture so I have been little bussy. Oh! Of course... I have moved to London... you know It's the place I wanted to live so... Here I am! I haven't started school yet... Teachers told me I could start next week eventhough the classes have already started.
You can't live without me, can you? I recomend you the Dell Laptop, without any doubt. Do you remember what happened to my Apple Mac? That's the reason why I don't want you to have one of those.
The Dell Laptop doesn't switch off without reason or doesn't brake down every time. Moreover, it is cheaper and the quality is better. It's easyer to use and the guarantee is the best one. So... Undoubtely... Buy the Dell Laptop.
I have met a lot of friends meanwhile I go running. You would love people from here... They are so different as people describe them. You have to come one day, you'll Love London.
The furniture Is different too. Eveything is different! You start a new life here... I absolutely recommend you!!
Returning to the computers... I have to buy another one too... This afternoon I'm going shopping to see If there's something Interesting. I'll tell you next time what computer I have bought. OK?
I'm sure I'll do an excellent shopping.
I hope I have helped you with your amazing problem.;)
Remember to buy the Dell one!
Give me a ring or writte me soon. I want to know about you eventhoug I'm not In America. Or what about to meet you here? What was the last time you got off the continent? Let's try Johnny!
Thanks for your e-mail, again. Writte to me soon!!
All the best,

LAIA,. 6th May

Your Say

Dear Sussi,
I didn't read your e-mail on time because my computer broke down last week. Two days ago I read it on my iPad and guess where I am now... Yes! I listened to you and I took some holidays. I need time for me as you said and that's what I did. I packed on my suitcase and I took a plane to New York.
Here the weather is fantastic, it's sunny and it's perfect to go for a swim in this awesome hotel.
The shops are absolutely expensive but I don't really mind because I didn't come here to spend money, just to get sunburnt a little bit but don't worry because I wear factor thirty.
I met a lovely guy, can you imagine? He told me he loved going to the beach to windsurf, jetsky, surf... All those risky aquatic sports, you know.
This evening we are meting in the reception to go to a restaurant. I hope to be perfect and beautiful because I'm very nervous.
He is tall, he's got blond hair and blue eyes, the typical surfer guy. It's a lovely and extrovertive person. Maybe we'll meet in Miami, on the beach, me in a sunlounger and he doing kitesurf. It'll be lovely too. They're incredible the things you can do in one day!! Aren't they??
Tomorrow we are going sightseeing and I am going to see the Empire State. I'm looking forward to taking amazing photos of it. But I'm sure It'll be crowded as always.
Anyway, I'll take some photos despite the people. Maybe, in spite of going sightseeing I'll go on my own.
Don't know, we'll see it tomorrow after the romantic meal with Alex.
I'll send you a postcard soon.
With love,


PC: Will Alex like my blue dress I bought in Channel?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A fairy tale

Another Cinderella:

Once upon a time, not so far from now, it was a beauty lady who lived with her dad. Her name was Cinderella, and she was a little special: she use to annoy everybody that she could and spend a lot of money with her Barbies. But one day, her dad get married with the most beautiful and kind woman ever, and she moved on to her house with her 2 daughters. The girl was jealous and she decided to kill her. She was only 12 years old, what she could do? She caught a knife in the middle of the night and when she was sleeping, Cinderella listened her crying and shouting: My husband is dead! The girl thrown her knife and he run to her dad.
5 years later, Cinderella changed a lot: she was kind, friendly and cheerful but she has a weakness: she loved to go party, she was always going out with her friends and her sisters. The party of the year approached, Halloween but they couldn’t go because Nastasia, one of her sisters got so drunk one day and they were punished. Cinderella was the only who was innocent, she haven’t drunk anything. But the bad girl came back and she decided to go to the party, there was a problem: She had to return before 3 o’clock, because her stepmother woks up to go working, and that’s when her favourite Dj was performing.
It was the night she got it everything, her cat disguise, her mobile and after all her dad’s watch that she always carried with her. The party was awesome and she met the most handsome boy of the party, called Prince but he couldn’t see her face because she were with a lot of makeup. It was quarter to 3 she had to run away from there without her Prince what’s app, but she loose her watch.
At the same week, the boy was looking for her girl with her watch for all over the city until one of his best friends told him that he knew that watch but he wasn’t sure which of the sisters missed it. Cinderella was so sad and hopeless about her watch and the guy, but the bell rings while she was crying, her sister Florence opened the door and talked with him. He was asking her a lot of questions about the watch until Cinderella went out the stairs, it was love at first sight they fell in love, and he knew that this was her watch. And happily ever after.

The end.

Marta Salvatella , Fatiha Ben Mokhtar , Laia Dalmau

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Your say

The Script is a band of rock pop músic. The components are from Ireland. They had made three albums: The Script, Science & Faith and #3.

                       2008                                                 2010                                        2012

· Dani O'Donoghue : He was born on 3th of October of 1980 in Ireland. He is the composer,  the main singer and the guitarrist of the group. People describes him as an extrovertive and clever person but also a strict composer. 

· Mark Sheehan: He was born on 29th of October of 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. He's is the main guitarrist amb the producer of the group. People describes him as a non romantic person and a serious man because of his hard childhood.

· Glen Power: He was borns in 5th of June of 1978 in Dublin, Ireland. He's the batery of the group. His Parents help him whatever the problem he has, so, he live life without barriers.


Dany and Mark were in a band together but after a couple of years, for an unknowk reason, the band separate and Dany and Marck wantet to continue making music and that's when they met Glen to join in the new band. They called theyrselves The Script. the first song they did was We Cry and the second one is The man who can't be moved. they still making song and concerts.



I like this music and the band because the songs are beautiful and the sound is relaxing, for me, and it makes me realise of a lot of things. Another songs I really like from The Script are: For the first time / Six degrees of separation / Breakhaven / Talk you down and If you could see me now.

Protest Song

(Eric Turner) 
Oh Written In The Stars 
A Million Miles Away 
A Message To The Main 
Seasons Come And Go 
But I Will Never Change 
And I’m On My Way 

(Tinie Tempah - Verse 1) 
Lets Go… 
You’re Listening Now 
They Say They Aint Heard Nothing Like This In A While 
Thats Why They Play My Song On So Many Different Dials 
Cause I Got More Hits Than A Disciplined Child 
When They See Me Everybody Brrrrrap’s, Brrrrrraps 
Man I’m Like A Young Gun Fully Black Barrack 
I Cried Tear Drops Over The Massive Attack 
I Only Make Hits Like I Work With A Racket And Bat 
Look At My Jacket And Hat 
So Damn Berserk 
So Down To Earth 
I’m Bringing Gravity Back 
Adopted By The Major I Want My Family Back 
People Work Hard Just To Get All Their Salary Taxed 
Look Im Just A Writer From The Ghetto Like Malory Blackman 
Where The Hells All The Sanity At, Damn 
I Used To Be The Kid That No One Cared About 
Thats Why You Have To Keep Screaming Til They Hear You Out 


(Tinie Tempah - Verse 2) 
Yeah, I Needed A Change 
When We Ate We Never Took Because We Needed A Change 
I Needed A Break 
For A Sec I Even Gave Up Believing And Praying 
I Even Done The Legal Stuff And Was Leaded Astray 
Now Money Is The Root To The Evilist Ways 
But Have You Ever Been So Hungry That It Keeps You Awake 
Mate, Now My Hunger Would Leave Them Amazed 
Great, It Feels Like A Long Time Coming, Fam 
Since The Day I Thought Of That Cunning Plan 
One Day I Had A Dream I Tried To Chase It 
But I Wasn’t Going Nowhere, Running Man! 
I Knew That Maybe Someday I Would Understand 
Trying To Turn A Tenner To A Hundred Grand 
Everyones A Kid That No-One Cares About 
You Just Have To Keep Screaming Until They Hear You Out 

(Chorus Repeated)

Monday, 30 September 2013

e-mail to the Teacher, Myself

Dear Milco,
I'm glad to introduce myself in this mail.
I'm Laia Dalmau, I’m sixteen years old and I’ve lived in a small village called Fortià since I was born.
I consider myself as a simple girl, a person who doesn't like getting into trouble.
I've got one sister, two years and a half older than me. She is always saying to me what to wear or what to do. I really feel sad because I don't like the same clothes as her and she doesn't think the same way. Elisabet, my sister underestimates things we give to her or the acts we do for her, it really hurts me. Now she has been is sick, for one year, and we have to help her. Even though, I don't mind the bad words my sister says to me, as she is my sister and I really love her, maybe that’s the reason why I don't buy clothes under her approbation. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a very sensitive person. My mood can change immediately but I’m so angry and upset so easily.
What I don't understand is the reason why I'm most of the time doing things people want me to do. It's a mystery.
When I'm down I think that my character is horrible because of my bad temperature and for my bad mood. Thanks to God when I'm relaxed I don't think that at all in order that it gives me time to realise that I've got good things too, for example that I'm a kind and generous girl.
I can't help my enormous desire of joining as a volunteer in a hospital; helping people making their day lighter with a wonderful company, staying with young sick girls and boys, spending time with people whatever the disease they have. Just being there is what really would fill me with happiness, proud and the desire of doing new things.
I want to be that girl known by her sacrifice helping people making their life easier. How is it possible to be such an imaginative person? I'm just a teenager... But I would love to do it.
Physically, I look like a fourteen-year-old girl but mentally I seem an eighteen or nineteen-year-old woman. That’s what people I speak to say. On the hand I agree with them because I see and think things that teenagers of my age don’t, yet. On the other hand, unfortunately, sometimes I feel like a nine-year-old kid because of my behaviour. That's when my sister and my family get into a row. What drives me mad is that they are right and that I wouldn’t have done what I did wrong. In spite of everything, I love my family more than everything in the world. My mother listens and helps me every time I need her, my sister will do the possible for keeping me safe and my father... he will support me whatever the degree or the course I do with the purpose of learning as much as possible.
I'm a strange person, you'll see it during the year and I hope to be as good as possible as a student. I'm going to do everything possible to learn English.
Thank you very much,
From my heart,

Sunday, 22 September 2013

An interview

Voice Recorder >>

The quality is not very good, really sorry..

-So, good morning everyone, this is radio 15,3 and today we are going to have an interview to Laia Dalmau, one of the best photografers of this time. Hi Laia!
-Hi Lukas!
-Thank you very musch to com here t our studio.
- Oh.. I'm glad to behere with you in tyour studio.
-Well Laia, you are on the first page of all the magazines thanks to your photos. How does it feel?
- It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable becaus I passed to an ordinary photographer to a on of the best one so, I'm very proud of me for the work I''m doing.
-You have to be proud because your photos let me without words. When fif you start taking photos?
-My granfather was cleaning the garage and he askes me to help him. I was carring a box and it fells me down on the floor. when I revised the box, for be shure that everything was OK, I found an old camera. I startes taking photos and that's when I started.
-You began with an old camera but when did your photos became famous?
-Well, I was young and I thought it was just a hobby eventhoug I keept all my photos. One day I showed them to my family and to my friends and they were such amazed of my talent that they convince myself to join in a concourse. I did, but I didn't won, though I had the second place! That was my motivation of taking the photographer career.
-Laia I have to tell you that I'm a real fan of you. I follow you in Twuitter, in Facebook, on Instagram and above all your blog.
- Thank you very much Lukas, I'm glad to hear that.
- The last question Laia, with your earlier eighteen years old, What's your idea for the fifth album?
-I was thinking about... a report of all the north countries, you know... the coldnes, the snow... What do you think?
-It's a grate idea, brilliant! We have to let it here. Maybe next day you can come and tell us more about you.
.Sure! I'll be here!
-Fantastic.Thank you very much Laia and thanks to all people are listening us in Radio 15.3 . Have a nice day and keep listening because we don't move! Here's some music for you!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bye Bye ESO

This year has been a different year, we had a different teacher and differet ways of how to learn.
I enjoyed most of the classes because we had done a blog and I love doing blogs.
To this blog I had aplicated a lot of hours and I hope you like it because I do.
Starting the course I didn't like it very much what we were doing but during the year, the things had changed a lot and the projects too so it has becaome better ans better every day.
What I like it most was the horror project, because we spoke about an important persons in the cinema that I really like because I love cinema and watching films, thanks to Sonia I had learned a lot about that.
The projects of the school I don't really liked  lot, but the presentation that Sonia use in the classes motivated me and they made me cry because there was a page that says a frase very beautiful and it remembered the situation my sister is passing in. Whatever, at every project we had done in class had made me cry because I supose all the situation of my sister influencied me a lot...
This year in the High School the thing had changed a lot. I changed more or less my way of be, my classmates are not the same as with who I supossed to go with and the way of thinking.
What it doesn't changed is that I still beeing Laia, the short and strange girl as always I had been.
I expect for my future and the future of my sister a lot of health and luck for all the good and bad thing we hadn't already passed.
I hope things change a little bit, better said, change a lot in my next years here.
BYE BYE ESO!!! [ I'm not going to miss you a lot, just a little :P :) ;) ]



Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

 This is, more or less, all te grammar we had done in class.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My World


 A Neanderthal living 120.000 years ago had a cancer that is common today, according to a fossil study.

What we call a tumor it's not just a new illnes from the fifties. It's discovered a neanderthal from 120.000 years ago bones that those has cancer. those bones were found in a cave of Krapina, Croatia discovered by US scientists. Untill this, the eldest bones that has founs with cancer had 1.000 - 4.000 years old by an ancient Egyptian.
Dr Kat Arney, a cancer research from the UK says: "Some people think that cancer is only a modern disease, but there's evidence from fossils, bones and mummies that it's actually many thousands of years old".
And It's true because I thought cancer increased with the mobile phones and other technologyes but I actually never thought at what time did cancer appeared. Now I know my answare and I'm proud to know it.
The tumor of the bone was diagnosed because of the medical radiologist from X-rays and CT cans. The cave was full of bones and skeletons, not just this one.
If it's found a skeleton with cancer, maybe we can found much more disease that our ancestors had.
If I were an antropologician I'm sure I could find more amazing discovering thing like that, it's awesome.

Web of the new: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22780717


My World

My trip to Mallorca was different from my other trips.
I went with my classemates and with our parents.
I'm not going to explain why but I'm going to talk how goos we stay there:
We spend there five days and every one of those we did different things and different parties. we took a boat for go and to return. We had time to do what we want and me, Vanessa and Marta went to take icecream and yogurths more than once too. We had a great time there including the discos and the karaoke.
We visit a lots of places and what I like most was the caves. an extraordinary caves non modificated. There the people who worlk there did us a concert on the water, with boats and with different lights.
The secons place I like most was a beautiful beach, with good views and a good place to took photos too.
Mallorca it's more or less a a tipical place of Spain but I can't compare a lot because as I say, every place is different for the things it has. Every place has that typical think that make a different between others.
It's a goos place to go and to vist, especialy the views...
Take tikets and check it by yourself.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

My World

I picked up the phone and heart, "It's Tom, I must see you at once!"
I didn't have time to say anything because Tom hang up the phone immediately.
I took all my things and I got in the car. I went to his hause. When I arrived there he was Waiting for mw at the front door. He ran to me and he held my arms so strongly that I had to shout. His eyes widely opened out of their orbits.
- What's wrong with you? you are hurting me!
- Ann, you have to help me! I don't know when... I'm scared... What should I do? How do I have to act?...
- Tom please keep calm. Breath. NOw let my arms. All right. Why don't we go into?

Once they were i the house Tom served a tea to me. Tom started telling me what was happening:
- Do you remember when I tell you that my wife was doing some strange things and that her actitud was different? Well... I found this in the bathroom.

Tom took a pregnant test out from his pocket. I was surprised! I couldn't imagine it. I still remember how the pregnancy test works. If there's one line it means that you aren't pregnant but if there are two lines it means that you are pregnant. The pregnancy test that Tom had taken from the bathroom had two lines. His wife was pregnant. He would become a dady.
-Oh Tom! That's fantastic! You are going to be a dad!
- What?! Oh my god. Does it say from from how many days?
-... For two weeks.
-Why hasn't she said anyhing to me?
-Maybe she has done it this morning and she left it on purpouse.
- Shall I call Miranda?
- I think you must prepare a romantic dinner. With candles and with a lot of love...
- Ok. What do you think I have to cook?
- What's favourite Miranda's dishe?
- She loves fish...
- Why don't you go to the fishmonger's ans buy some prawns, some monkfish, one or two lobsters ans some tagliatelle?
- It sounds perfect!
- And for desert? I think she would like "valencia".
- What's this?
- It's vanila ice-cream with orange juice.
- All right. I'm going shopping.
- Perfect. Good luck and please.. be happy! Not everyone can have a baby!
- Oh thank you so much! You have helped me a lot. Tomorrow I'll explain everything to you.
- See you tomorrow then.
- See you.


My World

The purpose of this report is to think about if it's a good idea or not to remove the food and drink machine.

Whn we finish the classes and then we have a break, the machine is excellent fos us to get energy to go on with the lessons.
It's a goos idea to have it because if we forget our lunch at home we can buy it for less price, not only sandwaitches, chocolate, juice, potatoes, sticks of bread and other groceries too. It's faster as the girl who is behind the counteen so it doesn't take time, on the country, it makes two jobs in one.

of course the machine spends more electricity but we can pay this electricity with the money we put inside it. We have to say the truth, most of the food that is in there is junk food and chocolatines, wich can change our diet. Sometimes the machine doesn't work and we have to kick it.

Other necessities:
Besides if we quit the food and drink machines we can save this money and invest in ther things we need in the school. For example more fountains in the background, more benches, toilets... We can paint the school too as well.

We can let the machine because for us it is good to take energy. We can quit the machine because it's a bad way to spend our money and instead, we can paint tha school or put new fountains for example.


My World

Three or four summers ago I went with my family to Sevilla for two weeks. It was very special because we went to different places.
My ount Carme was who had said to go to Sevilla and the other mums liked it.
When my mum said to me that we would go to Sevilla I was so excited.
I was in a very special place where there were a lot of flowers and gardens. There, a lot of married people go there and take their wedding photos.
There was one atractive man there, and my mum and my sister told it to me. The man was so near to us that he listened them. The women of the man started to laught too.
We enjoyed a lot and we walked too!!
I hoppe to do another travel proximately. And if they, the family, could let me choose, probably I choose Alaska or Finland.

The gold tower: La Torre del Oro.   WEB IMAGE

My World

Mr James,
My name is Laia Dalmau and I'm fiveteen years ols. One day I was walking through Oxford Street and I saw your advertisment. I would like to work in your company. As the add says, we can choose where to work, so I could preferd to stay at the airport than on the plane.
I'm goog at languages because I've got the Eso and I've got the official exam of Cambridge UNiversity level B1. I speak catalan ans spanish too.
I really like talking to persons and communicate with them.
I've worked for two years for my father, in a bar and I know how to speak to people.
I don't mind what I have to put on to work.
I really need the job because my family needs the money so, please, consider my application.
You can call me to the number below or just send me another e.mail.
Thank you Very much,

Laia D.


Thursday, 7 March 2013


MY FAVOURITE LOVE MOVIE:         The Last Song

This is one of my favourite films because the main actor is Miley Cirus and his boyfriend, her future husband, Liam Hemsworth. The film is about a young girls, Miley Cirus as Ronnie , who is going to pass the summer with his dad and his annoyng brother. Their parents are separated and still the end we don't know exactly why it was. Well, this girl was contient of wath she was doing, she didn't pas the exams, she wasn't at home most of the time... She don't change until she mets her future boyfriend, as the reality Liam Hemsworth as Will and until the illnes of his father what that's the why she is going to spend the summer there, the last summer with him.
The title is based the last song that the father was writing to her soon for motivate her and untill she don't change radicaly her mind she doesn't want to know anything of her father, but finaly she ends the song becaus her fahter can't.

This film is based in the best seller book from NICHOLAS SPARKS.

Here you have the trayler of the film .  WEB VIDEO

This is the best seller book :          WEB IMAGE

And the last, a photo by the actors :        WEB IMAGE


MY FAVOURITE LOVE SONG:       Life Is Beautiful.   By Vega 4

This song it's about a man who has "problems" with a girl. He wants to be with her and he says that they can be together because life is beautiful and he want to spend  time with her. He shouts to her to come back with him, that there's nothing to understand, just the time will make miracles and then they will be well with each other.

I found this song by a dance film like all the musics I really like listen to. This film is called Street Dance 3 in the following part (a romantic part) :

I hope you enjoy this song as I do.
Really sorry because the second video is in spanish.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Dear mr. Lawrence,
I'm Joana Stepleton and I'm 15 years old. I'm interested in going to a summer language course and your advertisment has encouradged me.
The add says 2 weekens, 3 weekend or a mont. What does it really mean? How many weeks can I go there?
I'm 15 as I said before, I hope that I can join whatever my age is, can't I? Do the other students have my same age?
I don't want to be the youngest or the oldes, I would like to go with people of same age if it couls be possible.
The advertisment doesn't sayt he name of the village or the city where we are going to go, if I come of course... Can you tell me the name? Because I would like to find information in the web.
I really like football and basketball. Does the school have a football pitch or a pair of courts? If it doesn't, could you tell me wich sports are practised there?
I know that there are a lots of questions but I want to be sure that I'll do a good us of the money. Other thing that I would like to know...
Please send me a message if I can go and if you think I'll enjoy it.
Thank you very much,



Nowadays everybody have a mobile phone, elderly people, midle age, adolescents ans above all children. In fact, In my opinion I children gets mobile phone younger than they should.
I firmly believe that sons and children take control and are stronger than their parents.

On the one hand it's fine for young girls and boys to have a telephone because than their parents can know where they are, but on the other hand there are a lots of cons. For example, children don't really know ehat they want so maybe thay leave the mobile phone two or less weeks after their parents have bought it to them. Another reason it's just because they don't have the age to have a mobile phone. Who they want to call? It's not necessary to have a mobilephone, moreover because it's the age to run, to have fun with friends and enjoy their time playing with their classmates.

Owing to the telephone at that age, m ore than one child has problems with bulling, or stupid jokes and above all, the disconnection of the real world.

To summ up, In my opinion, children shouldn't have a mobile phone. They don't have the age and they aren't going to use it properly . We must try for them to avoid the way to connect them to the virtual world.
Why don't we try to have fun and play with them?