Monday, 30 September 2013

e-mail to the Teacher, Myself

Dear Milco,
I'm glad to introduce myself in this mail.
I'm Laia Dalmau, I’m sixteen years old and I’ve lived in a small village called FortiĆ  since I was born.
I consider myself as a simple girl, a person who doesn't like getting into trouble.
I've got one sister, two years and a half older than me. She is always saying to me what to wear or what to do. I really feel sad because I don't like the same clothes as her and she doesn't think the same way. Elisabet, my sister underestimates things we give to her or the acts we do for her, it really hurts me. Now she has been is sick, for one year, and we have to help her. Even though, I don't mind the bad words my sister says to me, as she is my sister and I really love her, maybe that’s the reason why I don't buy clothes under her approbation. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a very sensitive person. My mood can change immediately but I’m so angry and upset so easily.
What I don't understand is the reason why I'm most of the time doing things people want me to do. It's a mystery.
When I'm down I think that my character is horrible because of my bad temperature and for my bad mood. Thanks to God when I'm relaxed I don't think that at all in order that it gives me time to realise that I've got good things too, for example that I'm a kind and generous girl.
I can't help my enormous desire of joining as a volunteer in a hospital; helping people making their day lighter with a wonderful company, staying with young sick girls and boys, spending time with people whatever the disease they have. Just being there is what really would fill me with happiness, proud and the desire of doing new things.
I want to be that girl known by her sacrifice helping people making their life easier. How is it possible to be such an imaginative person? I'm just a teenager... But I would love to do it.
Physically, I look like a fourteen-year-old girl but mentally I seem an eighteen or nineteen-year-old woman. That’s what people I speak to say. On the hand I agree with them because I see and think things that teenagers of my age don’t, yet. On the other hand, unfortunately, sometimes I feel like a nine-year-old kid because of my behaviour. That's when my sister and my family get into a row. What drives me mad is that they are right and that I wouldn’t have done what I did wrong. In spite of everything, I love my family more than everything in the world. My mother listens and helps me every time I need her, my sister will do the possible for keeping me safe and my father... he will support me whatever the degree or the course I do with the purpose of learning as much as possible.
I'm a strange person, you'll see it during the year and I hope to be as good as possible as a student. I'm going to do everything possible to learn English.
Thank you very much,
From my heart,

Sunday, 22 September 2013

An interview

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The quality is not very good, really sorry..

-So, good morning everyone, this is radio 15,3 and today we are going to have an interview to Laia Dalmau, one of the best photografers of this time. Hi Laia!
-Hi Lukas!
-Thank you very musch to com here t our studio.
- Oh.. I'm glad to behere with you in tyour studio.
-Well Laia, you are on the first page of all the magazines thanks to your photos. How does it feel?
- It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable becaus I passed to an ordinary photographer to a on of the best one so, I'm very proud of me for the work I''m doing.
-You have to be proud because your photos let me without words. When fif you start taking photos?
-My granfather was cleaning the garage and he askes me to help him. I was carring a box and it fells me down on the floor. when I revised the box, for be shure that everything was OK, I found an old camera. I startes taking photos and that's when I started.
-You began with an old camera but when did your photos became famous?
-Well, I was young and I thought it was just a hobby eventhoug I keept all my photos. One day I showed them to my family and to my friends and they were such amazed of my talent that they convince myself to join in a concourse. I did, but I didn't won, though I had the second place! That was my motivation of taking the photographer career.
-Laia I have to tell you that I'm a real fan of you. I follow you in Twuitter, in Facebook, on Instagram and above all your blog.
- Thank you very much Lukas, I'm glad to hear that.
- The last question Laia, with your earlier eighteen years old, What's your idea for the fifth album?
-I was thinking about... a report of all the north countries, you know... the coldnes, the snow... What do you think?
-It's a grate idea, brilliant! We have to let it here. Maybe next day you can come and tell us more about you.
.Sure! I'll be here!
-Fantastic.Thank you very much Laia and thanks to all people are listening us in Radio 15.3 . Have a nice day and keep listening because we don't move! Here's some music for you!