Saturday, 26 April 2014


It’s a fact that many students have problems at the time of writing and for explain themselves. I had this problem till I started to write in my blog. As a consequence I have no doubt that writing in a blog has more benefits than you could imagine.

Firstly, I have to say that it’s not easy; it needs your time and patience. It’s hard at the beginning but then it gets easily as the time passes by.

Secondly, it’s too difficult to start for yourself to write but you have to do it, moreover you find it boring and in useful. Yet when you get the trick of the compositions you’ll start to like it more and more. Then you’ll be every Friday in front of the computer as me.
In addition you learn a little bit of everything because meanwhile you are finding in blogs what to write about you learn at the same time. When you comment some post you get courage and you start to feel free of writing about whatever you want.

If I were you, I would start doing something as I did, this way you’ll improve immediately and without realising it.

In conclusion, writing in blogs helps you a lot in expression, in taking courage, in having fluency at the time of writing and being social with other bloggers. Remember, if you want to improve in something you must do whatever to gain it.


Nowadays, pollution is one of the most topics spoken about. It’s widely known that it’s a truly bad problem for our planet and that has gone further away than we should allow.

Firstly, I’m at one with the fact that if we got dirty the planet we must clean it. It’s our responsibility to look after the place we are living. It’s not only our home, is yours, too.

Secondly, we must do something to mend it. I believe that if everyone did something we would improve and we’d reduce the amount of pollution in the air. This way we have to fall the quality of products and materials apart from being more conscious of what to use and what to reuse, what to buy and what to sell.

Finally, on the one hand I hold the same opinion as everyone “it doesn’t matter for one paper” but on the other hand we ought to be over with this mentality, because that’s what brought us to this situation. Be awake and realise it. Don’t be like this kind of people and start being a better citizen helping the planet.

As far as I’m concerned I feel very strongly that we can do a lot of things to save the planet. Never is too late to try it. We have to do it for the right of everyone. Change your mind and let’s get a better use of the products and above all, of our wonderful world.


Hi Sara,
Glad to hear from you. It’s a fantastic idea! I think you should come in summer. I know it’s hot but it’s the best season to try different types of food because of the tourism.
My husband has a lot of friends and so do I. you can come for a weak with us to eat with all of them so you can see how they cook. I’ll give you the name of some restaurants as well. For example: “Cook Room” for pizzas or “Tapas” for the excellence of Spain. I’ll give you more when you arrive, don’t worry about that.
I’m really so tell you that we’ll not be there for your opening fay. We are going to India for a couple of weeks. But we’ll come as soon as we arrive from the trip.
Let me know when you’re going to come as we’ll say to our friends to meet you.
Lots of love,


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Your Say


What do I think about terrorism?

What’s the real meaning of terrorism? Why do they do this? Those questions are, at the same time, difficult but easy to answer. Basically, terrorism is all that kind of acts witch intended to create fear to the society. From my point of view these people are mad, evil; maleficent…

It’s like hatting people, making everything to get everyone be angry with everyone… Excuse me? May I have to remind you that you are a person too? That you live in the same world as us? If you want to destroy this planet don’t forget that you live in it.

Firstly I have to say that they have a mental problem. Everyone is living their life, they aren’t disturbing you. In exchange all the terrorist are making the opposite. It’s a, for me, well-known mental problem based in a phobia to all of them who are living better than you. It could be this problem they have, but it’s one of hundreds.

Secondly everything they want, as I said, is to alter the comfort of the people and, in a large scale, the society including all that important persons in the world like presidents, prime ministers, kings of monarchies… including them, of course. Imagine if there’s a massive attempt constantly and the police can’t do anything? Arriving to this point everyone, and I said everyone, is in danger. And it, extremely, entail the CHAOS.

Having said that, there’s no need stressing what I think about terrorism, I’m only going to say that if we do not stop them will be more deaths. We must live at once, without fear, as we want, peacefully.


TRAIN BOMBING in Madrid : March eleventh of 2004 (191 deaths), by Al-Qaeda

THE TWIN TOWERS : September eleventh of 2001, NYC(2.996 deaths), by a group of Al-Qaeda 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Your Say

This is a video that tells a little story with a moral beneath it. It's a very beautiful story and I recommend you to listen at it.
Once you see the video, surely you will be agreeing with me that egoism doesn't bring you anything less than problems. Anyone must be egoist because it doesn't affect only to him /her, it affect to everybody who's around you.
Maybe you’re saying I’m crazy, but think about it… One perfect example is reflected in childhood. When the little guys are growing they just want to do the same things adults do. If we are like egoists, everyone will be like this in a nearly future. Life is difficult and moreover when you are living in the same planet. We must live together, coexist.

So, take a time to think about it, change yourself if you consider egoist, say sorry for that in what you feel bad to do it… its better late than never.