Thursday, 7 March 2013


MY FAVOURITE LOVE MOVIE:         The Last Song

This is one of my favourite films because the main actor is Miley Cirus and his boyfriend, her future husband, Liam Hemsworth. The film is about a young girls, Miley Cirus as Ronnie , who is going to pass the summer with his dad and his annoyng brother. Their parents are separated and still the end we don't know exactly why it was. Well, this girl was contient of wath she was doing, she didn't pas the exams, she wasn't at home most of the time... She don't change until she mets her future boyfriend, as the reality Liam Hemsworth as Will and until the illnes of his father what that's the why she is going to spend the summer there, the last summer with him.
The title is based the last song that the father was writing to her soon for motivate her and untill she don't change radicaly her mind she doesn't want to know anything of her father, but finaly she ends the song becaus her fahter can't.

This film is based in the best seller book from NICHOLAS SPARKS.

Here you have the trayler of the film .  WEB VIDEO

This is the best seller book :          WEB IMAGE

And the last, a photo by the actors :        WEB IMAGE


MY FAVOURITE LOVE SONG:       Life Is Beautiful.   By Vega 4

This song it's about a man who has "problems" with a girl. He wants to be with her and he says that they can be together because life is beautiful and he want to spend  time with her. He shouts to her to come back with him, that there's nothing to understand, just the time will make miracles and then they will be well with each other.

I found this song by a dance film like all the musics I really like listen to. This film is called Street Dance 3 in the following part (a romantic part) :

I hope you enjoy this song as I do.
Really sorry because the second video is in spanish.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Dear mr. Lawrence,
I'm Joana Stepleton and I'm 15 years old. I'm interested in going to a summer language course and your advertisment has encouradged me.
The add says 2 weekens, 3 weekend or a mont. What does it really mean? How many weeks can I go there?
I'm 15 as I said before, I hope that I can join whatever my age is, can't I? Do the other students have my same age?
I don't want to be the youngest or the oldes, I would like to go with people of same age if it couls be possible.
The advertisment doesn't sayt he name of the village or the city where we are going to go, if I come of course... Can you tell me the name? Because I would like to find information in the web.
I really like football and basketball. Does the school have a football pitch or a pair of courts? If it doesn't, could you tell me wich sports are practised there?
I know that there are a lots of questions but I want to be sure that I'll do a good us of the money. Other thing that I would like to know...
Please send me a message if I can go and if you think I'll enjoy it.
Thank you very much,



Nowadays everybody have a mobile phone, elderly people, midle age, adolescents ans above all children. In fact, In my opinion I children gets mobile phone younger than they should.
I firmly believe that sons and children take control and are stronger than their parents.

On the one hand it's fine for young girls and boys to have a telephone because than their parents can know where they are, but on the other hand there are a lots of cons. For example, children don't really know ehat they want so maybe thay leave the mobile phone two or less weeks after their parents have bought it to them. Another reason it's just because they don't have the age to have a mobile phone. Who they want to call? It's not necessary to have a mobilephone, moreover because it's the age to run, to have fun with friends and enjoy their time playing with their classmates.

Owing to the telephone at that age, m ore than one child has problems with bulling, or stupid jokes and above all, the disconnection of the real world.

To summ up, In my opinion, children shouldn't have a mobile phone. They don't have the age and they aren't going to use it properly . We must try for them to avoid the way to connect them to the virtual world.
Why don't we try to have fun and play with them?


Simon woke up suddenly stopped what was the noise he had just heard?
He was in his room, actually, he had felt asleep while he was studing for the exam of Geography. Inspit of the noise that woke him up. The noise was like something feeling on the floor, like a broken window. Not as loud as someone breaking on ebut loud enough to break the glass.
Firstly he though that was someone at home and next he was thinking of the boys who were playing basketball in the garden in front of his house.
Afterwords he heard another noise: the door opening and more than two voices.
Owing to the dog, that was buarking, he couldn't hear well the voices of when had entered in the house.
Nowadays, the people enter to the houses even more when it's dark, whatever, Simon didn't want to stay in is room doing nothing. However, he was scared he left his room and started going down tha stares. THe thieves were a woman and a man. Simon looked at the living room and realised that the windows had been broken by a stone. And the door was oppened. He ran to the door asking for help and suddently the thieves called him by his name. He stopped and turned back to look who was shouting at him. They were'nt thieves. They were his mum and dad. They said to him why he was running. Simon told them that he though they were thieves. And the reason why all this mass because thay had forgotten the key at home and his dad had to break the window to get i the house and open the door.
Simon says:
- Why didn't you ring the bell?
- We did it but you didn't hear us. We waited for a long time but you didn't open us.
- Oh, sorry! I fell asleep while I was studying.
- Oh my Good Simon, What had I told you? Don't play videogames until three o'clock!
- I'm really sorry mum.
- Don't bother. Come on, help us to take the shopping in.
- OK...



Do young people today rellay know what they want from life?

All children want to be rich, want a lots of toys, want to go to the park all day... Other children want in the future be a teacher, be a vet or a hairdresser.
I don't think that they really want these things. It happens to all of us too. When we are in the adolescence we want to finish the Eso and finish studying all life. We want to be a person with a good job and find a good boy/girl to love him/her for life. Not just the teenaers want things. The middle age persons want to come back in time and study what they didn't stufy before. Some persons want to change their partner and others want to live life.
Ols people want to be young to do what they didn't do or simply to reborn.

What I'm saying is that every body wants things, but I'm not sure that every body wants what they say. From my point of view all of us want the happiness for everybody, want health and prosperity for all our family. If you don't think as I think keep thinking about that because I0m sure that I am right.
You can prove it or just to realise in this when you have someone sick near to you. You justt want the best for that person and then it is when you realise that health is the most important thing in the world. I have no doubt of it.

Why don't we keep thinking of what we real want?