Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Do young people today rellay know what they want from life?

All children want to be rich, want a lots of toys, want to go to the park all day... Other children want in the future be a teacher, be a vet or a hairdresser.
I don't think that they really want these things. It happens to all of us too. When we are in the adolescence we want to finish the Eso and finish studying all life. We want to be a person with a good job and find a good boy/girl to love him/her for life. Not just the teenaers want things. The middle age persons want to come back in time and study what they didn't stufy before. Some persons want to change their partner and others want to live life.
Ols people want to be young to do what they didn't do or simply to reborn.

What I'm saying is that every body wants things, but I'm not sure that every body wants what they say. From my point of view all of us want the happiness for everybody, want health and prosperity for all our family. If you don't think as I think keep thinking about that because I0m sure that I am right.
You can prove it or just to realise in this when you have someone sick near to you. You justt want the best for that person and then it is when you realise that health is the most important thing in the world. I have no doubt of it.

Why don't we keep thinking of what we real want?

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