Thursday, 10 October 2013

A fairy tale

Another Cinderella:

Once upon a time, not so far from now, it was a beauty lady who lived with her dad. Her name was Cinderella, and she was a little special: she use to annoy everybody that she could and spend a lot of money with her Barbies. But one day, her dad get married with the most beautiful and kind woman ever, and she moved on to her house with her 2 daughters. The girl was jealous and she decided to kill her. She was only 12 years old, what she could do? She caught a knife in the middle of the night and when she was sleeping, Cinderella listened her crying and shouting: My husband is dead! The girl thrown her knife and he run to her dad.
5 years later, Cinderella changed a lot: she was kind, friendly and cheerful but she has a weakness: she loved to go party, she was always going out with her friends and her sisters. The party of the year approached, Halloween but they couldn’t go because Nastasia, one of her sisters got so drunk one day and they were punished. Cinderella was the only who was innocent, she haven’t drunk anything. But the bad girl came back and she decided to go to the party, there was a problem: She had to return before 3 o’clock, because her stepmother woks up to go working, and that’s when her favourite Dj was performing.
It was the night she got it everything, her cat disguise, her mobile and after all her dad’s watch that she always carried with her. The party was awesome and she met the most handsome boy of the party, called Prince but he couldn’t see her face because she were with a lot of makeup. It was quarter to 3 she had to run away from there without her Prince what’s app, but she loose her watch.
At the same week, the boy was looking for her girl with her watch for all over the city until one of his best friends told him that he knew that watch but he wasn’t sure which of the sisters missed it. Cinderella was so sad and hopeless about her watch and the guy, but the bell rings while she was crying, her sister Florence opened the door and talked with him. He was asking her a lot of questions about the watch until Cinderella went out the stairs, it was love at first sight they fell in love, and he knew that this was her watch. And happily ever after.

The end.

Marta Salvatella , Fatiha Ben Mokhtar , Laia Dalmau

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Your say

The Script is a band of rock pop músic. The components are from Ireland. They had made three albums: The Script, Science & Faith and #3.

                       2008                                                 2010                                        2012

· Dani O'Donoghue : He was born on 3th of October of 1980 in Ireland. He is the composer,  the main singer and the guitarrist of the group. People describes him as an extrovertive and clever person but also a strict composer. 

· Mark Sheehan: He was born on 29th of October of 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. He's is the main guitarrist amb the producer of the group. People describes him as a non romantic person and a serious man because of his hard childhood.

· Glen Power: He was borns in 5th of June of 1978 in Dublin, Ireland. He's the batery of the group. His Parents help him whatever the problem he has, so, he live life without barriers.


Dany and Mark were in a band together but after a couple of years, for an unknowk reason, the band separate and Dany and Marck wantet to continue making music and that's when they met Glen to join in the new band. They called theyrselves The Script. the first song they did was We Cry and the second one is The man who can't be moved. they still making song and concerts.



I like this music and the band because the songs are beautiful and the sound is relaxing, for me, and it makes me realise of a lot of things. Another songs I really like from The Script are: For the first time / Six degrees of separation / Breakhaven / Talk you down and If you could see me now.

Protest Song

(Eric Turner) 
Oh Written In The Stars 
A Million Miles Away 
A Message To The Main 
Seasons Come And Go 
But I Will Never Change 
And I’m On My Way 

(Tinie Tempah - Verse 1) 
Lets Go… 
You’re Listening Now 
They Say They Aint Heard Nothing Like This In A While 
Thats Why They Play My Song On So Many Different Dials 
Cause I Got More Hits Than A Disciplined Child 
When They See Me Everybody Brrrrrap’s, Brrrrrraps 
Man I’m Like A Young Gun Fully Black Barrack 
I Cried Tear Drops Over The Massive Attack 
I Only Make Hits Like I Work With A Racket And Bat 
Look At My Jacket And Hat 
So Damn Berserk 
So Down To Earth 
I’m Bringing Gravity Back 
Adopted By The Major I Want My Family Back 
People Work Hard Just To Get All Their Salary Taxed 
Look Im Just A Writer From The Ghetto Like Malory Blackman 
Where The Hells All The Sanity At, Damn 
I Used To Be The Kid That No One Cared About 
Thats Why You Have To Keep Screaming Til They Hear You Out 


(Tinie Tempah - Verse 2) 
Yeah, I Needed A Change 
When We Ate We Never Took Because We Needed A Change 
I Needed A Break 
For A Sec I Even Gave Up Believing And Praying 
I Even Done The Legal Stuff And Was Leaded Astray 
Now Money Is The Root To The Evilist Ways 
But Have You Ever Been So Hungry That It Keeps You Awake 
Mate, Now My Hunger Would Leave Them Amazed 
Great, It Feels Like A Long Time Coming, Fam 
Since The Day I Thought Of That Cunning Plan 
One Day I Had A Dream I Tried To Chase It 
But I Wasn’t Going Nowhere, Running Man! 
I Knew That Maybe Someday I Would Understand 
Trying To Turn A Tenner To A Hundred Grand 
Everyones A Kid That No-One Cares About 
You Just Have To Keep Screaming Until They Hear You Out 

(Chorus Repeated)