Monday, 15 December 2014

Dialogue of beauty

Sally--> Edith
Bradley--> Marcel

Telephone: Good morning, you're calling to American Beauty Centre.
If you want a potatoes nose operation please press 1.
If you want a Brazilian ass operation please press 2.
If you want two tits like two melons please press 3.
And if you don't want any operation you're calling the wrong centre...
In a few seconds, you will be able to talk with a real interlocutor.


Barbie: Hi, I'm Barbie... Ken? Hahaha I'm kidding... Good morning, you have pressed number two, so you want a Brazilian ass. Don’t you?

Sally: Hi I’m Sally and having a Brazilian ass it’s my wish.

Barbie: Perfect, you can come this Friday at 9:00 am, It's Ok?

Sally: Yes! Could you tell me the budget of this type of operation please?

Barbie: Yeah... It's about 7500 $.

Sally: What!! (Low voice), okey, okeyahmmm... See you on Friday (OMG- in a low voice)


Barbie: Hiiii I'm Barbie, you are Sally, aren’t you?

Sally: Nice to meet you Barbie. I hope you would make my dream comes true!

Barbie: Hahaha, I have made a lot of dreams reality! Ehmm... and you should be... her grandfather?

Bradley: Nooooo! Pff... I'm her husband!

Barbie: Oh... Sorry… With these wrinkles I have had a wrong thought...

Bradley: Ehm, It often happens... Don’t worry.

Barbie: Ammm... Well, it’s better that we leave this affair aside. So, let's talk about your operation pretty woman…

Sally: Better, better... I would like to see some different sizes of ass... is that possible?

Barbie: Well... here we have the S, M, L, XL, and XXL size... Which one do you prefer?

Bradley: I think that the size L is better than the others...

Sally: No darling, I want a bigger one, like the ass of our neighbour.

Bradley: What? I don’t know what you are talking about :S .

Sally: Pretty sure? :@ You know better than me who Jessica is, so that’s why today I’m here, because I want all about that bass!!!

Barbie: No treble? :O Well, who’s gonna pay? Because you know, who pays is who commands!

Bradley: I think that everybody knows the answer... But she decides!

Sally: Ehm... I want the XXXL size. Is that possible?

Barbie: Yes, it’s the most popular size... But you’ll look like a hippopotamus trying to go through a door.

Bradley: Or even more, like Kim Kardashian!!!!!

Sally: SHUT UUUP! Who wants to make the operation? You, your grandfather or me?! So stop talking!

Bradley: I know... But I think that this size it's too big! I prefer your natural ass... You don’t need any operation. You have inherited all the beauty and physical characteristics of your father...

Barbie: Let’s relax, OK?! Sally, why did you decide to make this type of operation?

Sally: I’m very jealous of the lover of my husband. She has distinct curves, all the junk in all the right sites and an ass placed in its place!!!!! D’youunderstand me?

Bradley: Sally! Jessica is not my lover, she is my cousin! Hahahaha

Sally: And why did I catched you touching her ass?! Don’t tell me that an angel came down and touched it!

Barbie: I think it’s not the right moment to talk about that. There will be an operation or not? I’ve more customers to attend.

Bradley: Sally, my cousin is like the favourite boob of a baby!! I love touching her ass because it’s like a tradition for my family...

Sally: I’m not the typical housekeeper who knows everything and turns blind eyes.

Barbie: Cucut! I’m here. Don’t ignore me!

Bradley: Shht… Sally you prefer to get a good relation with your ass than with me. Is that love, my cherry?

Sally: Mmm... I won’t say anything about that…


Barbie: Oh sorry, it’s my mobile phone. Wait a second pleaseee…

… (In other room)

Barbie: Yes? Who is it?

(Boyfriend Barbie): Darling I’m waiting for you..., how long will you take to come?

Barbie: You know that things in this centre are always very complicated... People come wishing the moon, and after, they leave having the chaos of the universe in their life...

(Boyfriend Barbie): What d’you mean with it?

Barbie: Surgery can fix their body, but at the same time it destroys their lives…

Sunday, 30 November 2014

News: First Amphibious "Sea Monster" found

Christie Dell’Amore wrote in the National Geographic a stunning discovery about a fossil of the newfound icthyosaur on November 5, 2014.

Cartorhynchus lenticorpus fossil unearthed in China shows that this dinosaur-era sea reptile was able to live in both land and water. Moreover, it’s the first amphibious “sea monster” ever found.

This icthyosaur is very important because it fills a crucial gap in the evolution of the “dolphin predators”. It lived on the Jurassic during about 200 million to 145 million years ago.

It physics is based from the fossil to have 20 metres in length, short snout and large flippers. It’s supposed to be flexible, with wrist to be able to crawl on land, stubby limbs and thick rib bones as have power to swim through waves. In fact, their flippers were so small that palaeontologists think that they weren’t a very fast amphibious.

Palaeontologists suspect that there could be more of this species out there and when they first saw it all of them were puzzled.

For more information go to:

I am extremely apasionated to archaeology and when I was reading this news I got astonished. It's awesome to find out new fossils in the world so that we can build the history again.
Can you imagine a creature with such a large body swiming or dragging around you? Of course I would be terrified but also plenty of pride.
I'd also love being in that investigation...

News: Florida high school band director busted for sex with two students

Meg warner wrote a new on the Daily News on November 29, 2014 about the story of Steven Velez.

Steven Velez is a 25 year old school band director and he was busted for having sex with two students of the school in his office and in his house. Those girls were about 17 year old. But when the sex acts started they just had 16.

Steven Velez was arrested on Tuesday and he is now charged with two counts of committing unlawful sexual acts with minors. He was resigned from his job when last week cops starts probing student allegations.

From my point of view, I think that the girls weren’t thought to be abused because they started writing each other’s and then sex wasn’t forced. So Steven Velez is just charged because of unlawful acts, not for abuse ones.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

News: Silent man in werewolf mask shoots worker in California

Faith Karimi and Anne Claire Stapleton wrote in the CNN news a very intrigued and surprising new on November 29, 2014.

A man wearing a werewolf mask shot down a worker at a check-cashing business in Southern California for no clear reason. Police are doing research for this 54 year old man and also a reason for this madness.

The co-worker of the shot employer said that this mysterious man said no word when he entered to the shop, he just shoot on the co-worker head.

Moreover, the store was close for renovations so the shooter came into from the back doors, which were opened.

After the shooting the assailant took off on foot and the victim is now being treated at a local hospital.

For more detailed information go to:

Really? What a hell is going on in world? Why do we have to destroy between us?
In many many years our descendants will ask and discuss with others what kind of realation our generation had. I supose they will imagine we were crazy or that we were increasing the levels of ignorance. We are being the worst generation in our existance. And if all of us have to be like this "werewolf crazy and stupid man" it's better not to live in here.

News: Nightclubs for literature?

Johan Nylander wrote in the CNN on November 24, 2014 an article.

A bookshop in central Taipei called The Eslite is opened 24 hours a day. This is why book selling is booming in Taiwan.

Young and old people stay in the store reading on the tables, deeply engrossed in literary words. Ones are in the table, others standing up, sitting and lying down on the floor… but all of them in hushed silence.

Wen Hsuan Chang confirms that many people in Taipei do many things at night. This man is a teacher but also one of the most people who stays in the store at night.

Not only you can go and read in The Eslite on Taipei, there are around 42 stores in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and in the future more in Chine, but The Eslite was firstly opened in 1989.

News: Spider Monkeys kill male babies

Melissa Hogenboom wrote in BBC on 26/11/14 a new study made by observing a special mammal.

This new study has found that male SpiderMonkeys kill male babies from the same social group. And what’s more, they do this in order to prevent sexual competition between the males in the group. Even if it had been recorded five times it seems to be an alert for field researchers.

And they were right because the last long-term project recorded this infanticide more reiterative. So this behaviour is being more common every day. And it’s true to say that as many new males as much death threat will be.

Moreover, this investigation explains why Spider Monkeys female-biased sex ratios had.

This new contributes more information of infanticide in mammals. Over 119 species are known to commit this outrage and specially 35 of them are primate species.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Your-say: Short Story / Adventure

My nightmare journey

I and my family decided to spend the Christmas holidays out for a couple of days. As my sister wanted to go to London and my mother agreed with her, that was our destination. I didn’t care where to go because I just wanted to go out and disconnect a little bit.

Everything went right till the departure gate time. The flight attendant asked for our passport and then I realized that I forgot it on the living room table. I got very nervous because I couldn’t travel without my passport and we couldn’t take our flight.

We went to the information desk and they told us we could take the next flight. So, we went home, I picked up my passport and we went back to the airport to take our flight. I’ll never be as anxious as that day.

Your-say: Formal Letter

To the manager

I am writing to express apologies for the students’ behaviour last weekend in your hostel. I could not agree more with your complain but there is a reason why the students were so excited and hyperactive.

Firstly, I must clarify that those students are all very gifted and all of them were punctiliously selected for a new total immersion maths course. As a matter of fact, the afternoon when the facts took place they had conquested a State Maths Competition with a majestic difference on the scoreboard. Secondly, I would therefore like you to comprehend the teenage delight on account of the victory. I would be very grateful if you could forget the incident that arose in your home-loving hostel as we are disposed to transfer the required amount of money to pay all the imperfections.

I should also like to point out that we had been selected for a Major State Math Tournament and, despite the irrelevant misapprehension; we would like to wear your publicity on our regimentals. We would appreciate it if you would accept our proposal with the aim expectation of accepting our regrets.

I very much hope you will give this matter your immediate attention; I look forward to receiving a letter with your determination.

Yours faithfully,

Events’ Organizer, Laia Dalmau

Your-say: Formal letter

Dear Mr Evans,

I recently saw your advertisement in the time table of the University and I would like to apply for the summer tourist guide work place.
Since I was a child I have been studying many languages like Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French and, of course, English. I have recently taken Advanced English Esol Exam and I am absolutely sure I would not be more than prepared for this job.
Moreover, I have had some experience of how to communicate to people who are not having a good time in their life. So I am particularly good at making people laugh and feel comfortable.
Another reason why application for it is that I have been living here all my childhood and, as a matter of fact, I know every single street or corner in the city.
I hope I have had a good impression on you and if you could consider my appliment I would not be more than pleased to you. I am extremely enthusiastic about this job and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,


Oral presentation : The idea of beauty during those two last centuries

This is the oral presentation that I and Anna C. did in class.

<iframe src=";lock_to_path=0&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0&amp;features=undefined&amp;token=undefined&amp;disabled_features=undefined" width="550" height="400" frameBorder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozAllowFullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are going to talk about how the idea of bwauty in womans has changed during the last century. Some of the powerful tools are the use of the make up and the comercials which had a big influence in womens in that age. Different from now, which is the photoshop.

At the begining of the 20th century the idea of beauty was the "Gibson Girls" as you can see in the photo. This idea was from a man called Charles Dana Gibson. The Gibbson Girl were bades to have large bust, wide hips and a very tight waist. Their hair was particulary bulky and messy. Being a Gibbson Girl was the trend in America. Moreover, if we see a Gibson Girl like Cathie Jung we find it odd.

This movement ends with the new ideal of femine called Flappers. The stile was inspired in charlestone: a bobbed short hair and a squared body. Their dresses were sparkly and lose. The Flapper Girls were scandalous because smoking was a trend and men found it sexy.

Mae West was a Hollywood star. She was considered a Flapper but with some changes which created the new movement with the name of this woman. She introduced again the curves with the narrow long dresses but her sttitude was like the Flappers. As Mae West said: "Cultivate your curves- they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided". Another influence was Audrey Hepburn.

During the World War II the idea of the perfect body changed radically. American women were inspired in the dancer and actress Rita Hayworth, the new movement. Their skin had to be flauless, without imperfections and also a thin body.

In the 50's Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest influence of the time. The womens inspired in her were suposed to have long legs and Busty Hourglass bodies. They liked to show a lot of ther skin, not wearing too much robes. As Marilyn said: "The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up".
In 1952 took place the first Anual International Miss Universe beauty contest.

The 60's were very similar to the 50's but now the inspiration was Twiggy Lauson. Moreover, in the 70's the number of women who had anorexia increased in that time. The ideal women was the actress Farrah Faucet. She had a very natural look without make up, with the flowing hair and a toned body.

In the 80's the idea of an athletic and thin body was more popular. The stile was colorful and sporty. This movement of hardbodies was inspired by Jane Fonda. You might recognize her.

Since the 90's until now the idea of beauty for woman was to be more and more thin. The fashion was to show that you were thin. An example of the 90's is Kate Moss with her pale skin. The big difference between the last year and the beggining of the 21's century is that the ideal beauty id to be like the Victoria's Secret Models. They are tall, thin, with a lot of make up, having and angelical face and a big brest. Like the Brazilian Model Adriana Lima.

Nowadays the beauty industry is changing a little bit. They are trying to find models who stand out from the rest. For example, having wide eyebrows is not an imperfection if you can embrace it like Cara Delevigne, or having a space between the first teeth like Ruth Grilly.
Another very important current in social networks such as Instagram and Tumblr is to have the thing gap. It's a space between the tights.

The consecuences of the strict trend during the last years are:
- eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
- the abuse of photoshop and make up everywhere
- the discrimination of the woman who doesn't fit in the actual prototip
- the use of botox and a lot of plastic operations
- more mental diseases because of the low self-esteem.

We would like to know your opinion, if you know more consecuences and think about if we are doing somthing wrong in all this consequences.

Finally we want to remark some beauty industries which are fighting for an equal treatment for all tipes of women like Dove and H&M.

An astonishing fact is that only a 4% of woman world wide consides themselves beautful acording to a research of Dove.

Our opinion is that all of us have the beauty inside. We musn't take on consideration the exterior beauty, there shouldn't be any prototipe of beauty.

This is our oral presentation of the evolution of the idea of beauty in the 20's century until now. 
Do you have any question?
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for listening (reading).


Monday, 27 October 2014

Is humour necessary?

"Your sense of humour is one of the most powerful tool you have to make certain that yor daily mood and emotional state support good health" Paul E. McGhee

troughout our history, humour has been in our lives and mind, but not only in human's brain. Nowadays, many scientists and ohilosophers have looked into that the majority of animals are emotional especially dolphins and monkeys.

If humour has been choosen by the evolution, it's because all of us need it in our daily lives, unlike the vestigials organs, like the human's tail.

It's known worldwide that humour is extremely necessary. Roaring laughter is good for our health, because humour helps you keep a positive and optimistic outlook even in th most difficult times. Actually most of people are stressed because of the silly bosses, the revolutionary attaks of their children, struggles at home, etz...

The ability to laugh and have fun with others make life more enjoyable and helps you save problems as well as connecting with society and being more creative.

In conclusion, we do really need humour like air. Not only because it's a natural issue, but also because humour really enhaces our emotional helath. Moreover it improves our social live being more extroverts and for dealing aith our stress, which is one of the main issues we need to solve.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Funny film : Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses is a film directed by Seth Gordon in 2011 which I went to see in the cinema. Is the story of three friends called Nick, Dale and Kurt who have problems with their bosses, respectively, Dave, Dr Julia and Bobby. As the bosses are making their life impossible the friends will treat to kill them or just trying to stand up to them.

Nick (Jason Bateman) is working hard in the company as to be promoted and after a hard probationary period, Dave (Kevin Spacey), the boss, reject his vacancy promoting himself to the work place.

Dale (Charlie Day) is a dentist assistant of an excited dentist caller Dr Julia (Jennifer Anniston) who accuses of him meanwhile the operations putting him between a rock and a hard place I his couple.

Finally, Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) flies off the handle with the dead boss son Bobby (Colin Farrell). He takes over the business of his dead father and he doesn’t know how to do it as he is always drug and making employee’s life dreadful.

As you can imagine there’s a twist at the end between employees and bosses and the film couldn’t be more hilarious.

One of the best moments in the film is when Dr Julia tries to make sex with Dale and as he doesn’t want it he denies walking for her but she makes and ambush to him. Let’s see it:

Another favourite scene on the film is when the three friends are trying to destroy Kurt’s boss, Bobby, and meanwhile they are in his house, they have a little problem with the drug they find there. Have a look on minute 1:30 :

And the last but not the less funny scene in the film is when the stupid boss or Kurt wants to dismiss a pregnant woman because he thought he was only fat:

So, here you have lots of arguments why you should see this gorgeous film. I really enjoyed the film as I can thoroughly recommend this film. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


My Joke

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

News: First Ebola case diagnosed in the US

As of today this last outbreak of the Ebola virus has killed around 3000 people in West Africa. But it’s still giving new cases in different countries.

An unidentified man defined as critically hill has been kept in isolation in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital because is thought to have contracted the Ebola virus, especially in Liberia two weeks ago.

This unnamed patient wasn’t treating with Ebola-infected patients meanwhile he was in Liberia. He arrived in the US on the 20th of September without any symptoms of the virus. It wasn’t until the 24th of September that his first symptoms hadn’t appeared. Four days after he was kept in isolation.

This reprehensible disease spreads via close contact with bodily fluids. As a matter of fact, health officials are working to keep in touch to everyone who had been near to this Ebola affected patient. After that, all those people will be monitored 21 days to make sure if they have contracted the illness.

The Texas Health Hospital where the patient had hospitalized said that they are prepared and ready to fight this disease and to help stopping it.

I thing that everybody is a little scared because of the new Ebola outbreak. This is an extremely beastly disease and you don’t know where will be the next country being affected as well as is we will be capable to battle against it.

We all hope the best for everyone and a lot of luck and rays of hope to everyone who’s affected of Ebola virus. 


The foto shows how the patients must be transported in the case they are afected by the Ebola virus.

A new from BBC News, 1 October 2014 :

E-mail : My Dream

Good Night Sònia,

I’m writing to explain you my dream but the truth is that I don’t have a big one. Or maybe I have lots of them and now none come to my mind. Well, maybe there’s one that can be very significant for me. But I’m not very sure if I could call it dream.

As you know, I’m quite a “strange” girl. I’m not as social as all the other students might be. Moreover, depending on the day I can be very bad tempered… but that’s another thing.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in with anybody and it’s a big challenge for me to be open to new friendships. It’s like if I made a getaway from everybody, and this is really interfering in my mood, it’s a mantra. I have been trying to change my personality as trying to find out new solutions for my problem all these early years.

As I’m still looking forward to it, my dream is to keep going putting my best effort to discover why I’m so shy, close and narrow-minded and of course, to mend it. I’m going to face my challenges and I’m not going to give up trying to change my personality.

I could be very proud of me if I met the solution of my problem and then make my dream come true. I must be alert to every single little step. This could represent a very significant change of my emotional mood.

Hope it has been interesting to read and to share with me. J
Have a good week!!


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Make It Happen

Look at my score !!
New vocabulary learnt ;)
That's fantastic !!

Happiness & Career Success

Nowadays many people has a job which them spend on it 8, 6 hours of their time. Unfortunately, two out of three workers in the US and Canada affirm that they are unhappy at work. It was said that if you wanted to succeed in your career you might work harder. But now there’re a lot of evidences that is happiness what causes career success. Awesome, doesn’t it?

So, if you start a career with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm it will be more successful than a career sates with fears and without interest. Moreover, happier people are likely to get a second interview as well as finding job easier.

For all those positive people the model of “happiness and career success” is a loop:

Of course we need to work hard but firstly it’s much more important to develop the psychological resources for do that by increasing our positivity. Don’t worry if you aren’t a happy person, to turn the frown upside down, you can increase your positivity by focusing on the “three good things” activity. It’s based on writing three good things that happened in your life every day and in a couple of months you’ll recognise the difference.

As you can see happiness is needed for a successful career. If you don’t like your job is obvious that you won’t have a career success. This is another important point. So make sure you are working in what you want to be successful in your life.

Remember: work happier, not harder ;)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

How not to be ignorant about the world by Hans and Ola Rosling

The video linked before is from TED talks and the presenters are Hans Rosling and his son Ola Rosling. Hans is a Global trend in health and a big picture of global development topics. His son is the director and co-founder of the GapminderFoundation. Both are talking about many facts like different statistics depending on the answer, the evolution of the humps of the rich and poor scale and other interesting points:

The first interesting point of the video that shocked me is that in 1900 there was about half a million people who died every year from natural disaster like floods, volcanic eruptions or droughts.  That’s a very high number of deaths just for natural disasters but thanks God this number has been decreasing every year a little more.

The second interesting point in the video is that the last twenty years the percentage of the people living in the extreme poverty is almost halved which is a very, very good new. It’s true that there are still a lot of people living with this limited conditions but it’s fantastic to know that this percentage is decreasing too.

The third part related with the last point is that an eighty percent of the world’s one year old children are vaccinated against measles. Which is not a bad percentage keeping in mind the extreme poverty and his decreasing percentage.

The last and not the less important fact is an experiment by Ola Rosling having in mind the GPD per capita saying that in 2035 the West of the USA will outnumbered in the rich consumer market with a seventy three per cent and that they might live or travel outside North America and Europe.

Those are the main facts that shocked me most. If I have to say which is the aim topic of the video I couldn’t tell you which is it. What I really know is that this is a very interesting video that everyone should see. It’s optimistic and makes you laugh some times. So, I invite you to see it and have a good time.

Here you can see Hans Rosling giving a different speach in TED talks.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Looking Back on your Blog

Well, I have to say that I have improved a lot during these years. Not only because of the projects we do in class, it's simply because the effort i put on it. Anything I have learnt couldn't be done if I didn't pain attention at it. So, YES, I improved more and more each day especially in the writing, of course. This term we have done too much writings but it's OK for our improvement.
You can see my improving, for example, comparing writing from this year and from the last one. I use more connectors and more link words. I have to confess that meanwhile I was doing the writing I followed a sheet with link word but it has helped me in memorizing it. Moreover my English has improves in the peaking too.
As I told you before, the writing is, for me, the key for learning faster and better. I think that it’s a very important part in learning because this way you have a better fluency in your speaking and its grate too for practicing the grammatical skills.  
I’m really sorry to tell you that the voice recorder project wasn’t useful at all…  I find it boring and there’s not a lot to speak about. When the teacher tells me to do that my inspiration flies away and that’s the reason why it’s not useful for me.
The project I like most… I don’t know which one I could choose. In general, all of them are good for our learning. But maybe, the FCE sheet exam is for me the most important one because it’s for our future exams and our career.
As far as I’m concerned, this year has been so useful because of the writing, maybe they were a lot of writing but it’s OK to repeat it again and again. I’m very proud of my improvement and I wish to keep learning English.