Monday, 15 December 2014

Dialogue of beauty

Sally--> Edith
Bradley--> Marcel

Telephone: Good morning, you're calling to American Beauty Centre.
If you want a potatoes nose operation please press 1.
If you want a Brazilian ass operation please press 2.
If you want two tits like two melons please press 3.
And if you don't want any operation you're calling the wrong centre...
In a few seconds, you will be able to talk with a real interlocutor.


Barbie: Hi, I'm Barbie... Ken? Hahaha I'm kidding... Good morning, you have pressed number two, so you want a Brazilian ass. Don’t you?

Sally: Hi I’m Sally and having a Brazilian ass it’s my wish.

Barbie: Perfect, you can come this Friday at 9:00 am, It's Ok?

Sally: Yes! Could you tell me the budget of this type of operation please?

Barbie: Yeah... It's about 7500 $.

Sally: What!! (Low voice), okey, okeyahmmm... See you on Friday (OMG- in a low voice)


Barbie: Hiiii I'm Barbie, you are Sally, aren’t you?

Sally: Nice to meet you Barbie. I hope you would make my dream comes true!

Barbie: Hahaha, I have made a lot of dreams reality! Ehmm... and you should be... her grandfather?

Bradley: Nooooo! Pff... I'm her husband!

Barbie: Oh... Sorry… With these wrinkles I have had a wrong thought...

Bradley: Ehm, It often happens... Don’t worry.

Barbie: Ammm... Well, it’s better that we leave this affair aside. So, let's talk about your operation pretty woman…

Sally: Better, better... I would like to see some different sizes of ass... is that possible?

Barbie: Well... here we have the S, M, L, XL, and XXL size... Which one do you prefer?

Bradley: I think that the size L is better than the others...

Sally: No darling, I want a bigger one, like the ass of our neighbour.

Bradley: What? I don’t know what you are talking about :S .

Sally: Pretty sure? :@ You know better than me who Jessica is, so that’s why today I’m here, because I want all about that bass!!!

Barbie: No treble? :O Well, who’s gonna pay? Because you know, who pays is who commands!

Bradley: I think that everybody knows the answer... But she decides!

Sally: Ehm... I want the XXXL size. Is that possible?

Barbie: Yes, it’s the most popular size... But you’ll look like a hippopotamus trying to go through a door.

Bradley: Or even more, like Kim Kardashian!!!!!

Sally: SHUT UUUP! Who wants to make the operation? You, your grandfather or me?! So stop talking!

Bradley: I know... But I think that this size it's too big! I prefer your natural ass... You don’t need any operation. You have inherited all the beauty and physical characteristics of your father...

Barbie: Let’s relax, OK?! Sally, why did you decide to make this type of operation?

Sally: I’m very jealous of the lover of my husband. She has distinct curves, all the junk in all the right sites and an ass placed in its place!!!!! D’youunderstand me?

Bradley: Sally! Jessica is not my lover, she is my cousin! Hahahaha

Sally: And why did I catched you touching her ass?! Don’t tell me that an angel came down and touched it!

Barbie: I think it’s not the right moment to talk about that. There will be an operation or not? I’ve more customers to attend.

Bradley: Sally, my cousin is like the favourite boob of a baby!! I love touching her ass because it’s like a tradition for my family...

Sally: I’m not the typical housekeeper who knows everything and turns blind eyes.

Barbie: Cucut! I’m here. Don’t ignore me!

Bradley: Shht… Sally you prefer to get a good relation with your ass than with me. Is that love, my cherry?

Sally: Mmm... I won’t say anything about that…


Barbie: Oh sorry, it’s my mobile phone. Wait a second pleaseee…

… (In other room)

Barbie: Yes? Who is it?

(Boyfriend Barbie): Darling I’m waiting for you..., how long will you take to come?

Barbie: You know that things in this centre are always very complicated... People come wishing the moon, and after, they leave having the chaos of the universe in their life...

(Boyfriend Barbie): What d’you mean with it?

Barbie: Surgery can fix their body, but at the same time it destroys their lives…

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