Friday, 15 May 2015

My English Competence 2015

If I had to apply my English competence I could recommend to how it’s concerned my composition called “Mynear future” as well as “What it feels to have a broken heart and try to loveanyway”.

Firstly because in both we can see all my grammar skills as phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, originality and optimism in the way they have been written. If someone is looking for someone grateful for what life gives her/him I believe they represents how I’m.

I won’t post any podcast in view of the fact that videos or recorded voices can’t represent my fluency in speaking. As I said before, pronunciation and facility to seak can’t only be shown face to face. That may be an excuse to meet new people, don’t you think so?

My Enlish Progress in 2015

Firstly I’m going to start by comparing my first document (email to teacher) with my last composition with difference my personal development because I couldn’t be more proud of me. Now that I see the email I just can’t imagine how different I fell and think about the entire things I said. Now I’m more confident, I rely more in myself, I want to live life and I’m happy, I just smile at the world to whatever it comes to me. I’m not anymore that sad, depressive and pessimistic girl. Furthermore I have to add that this couldn’t be possible if I haven’t overtaken many bad experiences during the year. And my conclusion to this fact is the following, the one doesn’t diminish the other, we must bring out the good from the “bad” which in the end it’s not too bad.

I don’t really see many challenging grammar points in my writing but I do with the way I write them. I’m saying that I’m more fluent and it’s easier for me to complete the compositions. Pointing out my pronunciation it’s a topic that we all improve with time and practice. Moreover I have also improved my oral comprehension with the spectacular “Gone” book. A new story to dream with.

What money can't buy

Philosopher Michael J. Sandel in his speech is talking about the moral limits of the market. During the conference he attracts the public attention by tricky moral questions. Even a mini debate was started.

Sandel thesis is based in explaining how we get from having a market economy to being a market society. How can this be real? It is in fact.

M. J. Sandel is true to say that we have brought the “economy” and the “market” to another level. And I can also remark that we have even destroy the equality between everyone economy I the world. Giving the best to who have lot of money and nothing who hasn’t got almost anything.

It’s just disgusting how it is shared out. If only we had driven the economy by another path, thing nowadays could be better.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My final reflection

This year has been a special one. It hasn’t been the boring classes as always. This year is my final one in the High School and I suppose Sonia, our teacher, wanted them to be memorable. And so she did it. Of course there were hour in the timetable better than others, but we really enjoyed every one of them.

Monday morning at 8 o’clock classes are reprehensible but all the funny games or speaking activities made them trendy. As I say, everything gets as all the effort you put on it, and seeing Sonia’s satisfied face is all everyone need in the morning

Nevertheless, I have to say that doing the blog hasn’t been one of my favourite activities, yet after many hours of asking me why we have to do such work it came to my mind the efficient it is to improve our facility to write as well as for our creativity.

Having said that, I can punctuate my writing skills and next to all the writings I have done I just can’t show my gratitude enough to this little obligation. Moreover, I have improved my grammar too, in reference to the connector and conditions classes. They have always been a complication for me.

This year has been plenty of joy and I have learned a lot with every topic we have spoken about. My favourite one was… all of them in fact. And I hope to keep learning alike this months.  


6 Thing your home can live without

Home accessories expert Valerie Ott wrote a funny post on About Home talking about six special things we don’t need to buy for our lovely house.

1.      Toilet seat covers and rugs. She justifies because it contains lots of germs and moreover because they are one more extra thing to wash.

2.      Lots of picture frames.  Valerie gives her opinion saying that lots of frames can distract the attention. She advice to select the best ones and with the nicest frames. You can also put them through the wall stairs but absolutely not all of them at the same site.

3.      Outdated curtains. Many people believe that a window needs a curtain. But the writer sais that there’s no need to cover up all of them. Moreover, she expects that the curtains somebody has are old fashioned or faded by the sun.

4.      Florists’ vases. Those kinds of glass vases are outdated as the idea to have too many flowers on the table.

5.      Fake flower arrangement. Valerie prefers to have a lived tree or a plate of fruit than having dated plastic flowers.

6.      Too many knickknacks. Too many decorations in our rooms can make it cluttered and messy. And if you have a collection of them you ought to replace it time by time, not to have all of them showed.

What did I do on mother’s day?

Last Sunday was “the day” of the year of my favourite women in this world, my mummy. My sister and I every year give her something, even if it’s only a pack of hugs and kisses. This year we both wanted to be more memorable because my sister is studying out and we have to spend all time possible together when she comes home.

My family and I enjoy going to musicals when it is worth it. We have been in many here in Barcelona and it had been two years we hadn’t been in one, so we decided to reward her with four entries for Mar i Cel, a spectacular brilliant and all extreme good adjectives possible musical in Spain. It has been four years since it’s been doing around Spain and as everyone spoke so good about it we just found the perfect gift.

As we don’t live in Barcelona but a village 2h far away from, we decided to go in the morning so as to spend all the day there. I couldn’t have had a better mother’s day. We took lots of photos, selfies and silly ones. We went to the Wax museum; we walked through GrĂ cia and more amazing sites. After that we went to the musical and it really worth it.

I’m sorry but I can’t describe the musical, you have to go and see by yourselves. It’s just… incredible. As the day we spend together. I will never forget it. I really love it. 

My favourite Instagram profile

If it were a world to describe a person addicted to Instagram I could use it. I consider myself one of these persons. It can’t pass a day without checking my following profile by phone. My Instagram following profile isn’t as the typical young self-esteem and popular teenager who only has friends as a followers or following. Mine is so different. I’m going to explain it.

Firstly I have to say that I don’t post too much photos of myself, I’m more that kind of passive girl. I hardly-ever post a photo once a month… and my photos are not too “liked” and not too cool.

Anyway, the kinds of photos I like to see on Instagram are pretty mixed. I’m following people who posts landscapes, good travellers, cool photographers, artist who draws profiles and other, special photos of the nature, many following people that post minion photos and shorts, shop assistant clothing girls who post beautiful dresses, many of ballet dancers, National Geographic, fantastic picks and of course quotes profiles… and any following friend apart from the closest (two or three, not more).

When I wander in Instagram it’s like the perfect free time. I just get relaxed and sometimes I laugh because of the funny posts.

Some of my favourite following people are the following and I’m not going to explain in what their photos consist because as it’s said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy it.

My near future

I don’t even know what I’m going to do tomorrow, well… In fact I know it; I’m going to spend all day studding. I’m just saying that I don’t have it clear, but maybe this is an excuse to start and think about it, don’t you think so?

Well, one thing I’ve gained this year is to know what I want to study. Moreover I know what master I could like to do at the end but it’s too far away yet. It sounds crazy but I think I’m going to struggle at maximum so as to enter at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona with an enormous final mark. This is going to be a hard study month but I’m putting all my effort to meet my goals.

I wish I would also go out when all my studies are done. I wouldn’t be more proud of me if some prestige University abroad wanted me for a special experiment. Researches like experimenting with animals, death bodies… and all this friki awesome things.

Guess where I would like to live? I would love to live in an illuminated modern spectacular and small flat. Which it has one bathroom, one big bed and a fantastic shelter for my book collection. Could you imagine? I do!!

I psychologically desire to be adventurer, carefree and more spontaneous as the girls with dogs in the article described below. Perhaps all I need is a change of airs. Not love, what’s what is pretended to say. If so, I go to a vet and I buy it. And then I’ll kill two birds with one stone.


First new spices of river dolphin

Brian Clark wrote an article on National Geographic January 23, 2015 about a new river dolphin endangered found in Brazil.

Discovered in Araguaia River Basin, in central Brazil and It was thought to be isolated from the other river dolphins called “botos”. This isolation explains the different AND forms from the other dolphins. More different characteristics were found as the teeth number comparing with other “botos” and also the cranial size.

Rosenbaum, a specialist genetic differentiation of dolphins and whales, said that to bolster this new spice they should seek on more addition data.

They are qualified as being endangered because of many reasons. Some of them are because of the constructions on the river, by the fisherman who kill them and because of the agricultural and ranching activities. The Brazilian scientist had only seen 120 exemplars of this new dolphin nominated as Inia araguaiaensis.

 Rosenbaum underscores the necessity to keep on with the researches so as to know how this endangered reason can affect them in a proper future.


Broccoli could be key to preventing “fatal” cancers

Natasha Hinde wrote on Huffington Post an article about miraculous fact about cancer on April 20, 2015.
According to scientist, eating broccoli can prevent head and neck cancer. They first proved with some mice, and then with healthy human volunteers obtaining promising results.

After proving this theory the broccoli sprouts therapeutic, researchers are now extending the trials to high recurrence persons to have neck cancer with broccoli seeds powered capsules.

Dr Johnson professor of medicine at University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute though that if the high concentration sulforaphane on vegetables could prevent cancer in mice it could be effective with human too.

Isn’t incredible how science is progressing? Imagine if this really works with cancer patients. In spite of all the experiment bring about to prevent or cure cancer anyone has seem to be “the one”. But maybe we don’t need the one. We may only need to have a good diet eating all the vegetables found that can prevent or reduce the probability of having cancer.

News related with Human Rights

UN Women infographic reveals starling inequalities of women's coverage in the media

Natasha Hinde wrote a nice contribution on Huffington Post on May 8, 2015. It’s about an infographic, provided by UN Women, showing the non-equal and poorly representation of the women on the media in general.
 Do you remember Human Rights, don’t you? The second article says the following photo and I do really believe it perfectly fits with the issue we are talking about. What about all that equality between different genders? What’s going on? This infographic shows that not all the article of the Human Rights is being practiced OK. It’s true to say that it’s merely recent all this change in the gender equality but it’s time to change it!

A writer on the UN Woman says: “We still are far from a balanced representation or portrayal in the media. In fact, our research shows that the ratio of male to female characters in films has been exactly the same since 1946”.

 After saying that, she adds that if we want to achieve the equality we must work out in many issues like laws, education and representation in government, and so on, but the primordial one is with the media because it has a big impact on the rules and way of acting on everyone. 

Have a look to the infographic and give your opinion, i'm pretty sure it'll be the same as mine.

women in media


Why girls with dogs are more spontaneous, adventurous and carefree

Barrie wrote an interesting fact on Elite Daily May 8, 2015 about the connection between psychological women character and the care of a doggy.

She starts saying that what most people think about taking care of a dog make us more responsible and that this helps not to care only about oneself. After saying that, she explains why this effects on being more spontaneous, adventurous and carefree.

1)      We engage in the lost art of wondering. That’s because dogs infects to the owner the delight of wandering around cities, parks towns as the dog.
2)      We are not afraid to get dirty. Zara remarks girls without dog are in utter terror at the mere sight of dirty. Dogs are barefoot and pick up all the filth and that doesn’t care the slightest to women with a dog.
3)      We are playful. Those women know how to have fun with the care free of a child without being intoxicated because they have learned from their dogs how to let go.
4)      We understand what it means to love unconditionally. As well as the dog loves the owner unconditionally, the dynamic of this relationship makes the owner love the doggy the same way. So as the owner not only loves the dog, also to other persons.
5)      The only thing leashed in our lives is our dog. That’s why we don’t find anyone to fill the empty gaps in us; the dog is who does it. Moreover it gives us freedom from the other relationship with humans. It gives us independence.

Having a dog it’s more functional than what I though. I could never imagine such a huge important list for being more spontaneous and carefree only having a lovely dog. I hope to have one when I live home, I think it’s the most trustful animal (and person) in the world.


Dear mom: 9 reasons why I love you, even if I don’t tell you enough

Lauren Martin wrote an article on May 8, 2015 on elite daily a spectacular list of nine amazing reasons why she love her mother. And also giving little opinion or reacts in each one of them.

1.      You’ve given up everything for me and still want to give me more
2.      You care for me enough to get mad at me, but will always forgive me
3.      You support my every move no matter how bold it is
4.      You inherently believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself
5.      You are there when other relationships are falling apart
6.      You’ve been my best friend though every friend I’ve had
7.      You let me be my most vulnerable self
8.      You are the only person who genuinely wants me to talk about myself all the time
9.      You try to see where I’m coming from, even when you disagree with me

I couldn’t agree more with all those 9 fantastic topics. I do really feel I can’t show my gratitude enough to my lovely mummy. But we can all express it and I’m pretty sure our moms will realize they have done a good job loving us.

It’s true to say that not all bonds between mother and daughter are all good. Some families are separated, others can’t see each other, and others just can be with their progenitors. But this doesn’t mean you have grown up without love. If you are in any of these situations you may know that you have been brought up with other love, by someone other who has given everything to you as if it were like other mummies.
To all the mummies and other persons who have given us all their love,

We love you