Saturday, 9 May 2015

What did I do on mother’s day?

Last Sunday was “the day” of the year of my favourite women in this world, my mummy. My sister and I every year give her something, even if it’s only a pack of hugs and kisses. This year we both wanted to be more memorable because my sister is studying out and we have to spend all time possible together when she comes home.

My family and I enjoy going to musicals when it is worth it. We have been in many here in Barcelona and it had been two years we hadn’t been in one, so we decided to reward her with four entries for Mar i Cel, a spectacular brilliant and all extreme good adjectives possible musical in Spain. It has been four years since it’s been doing around Spain and as everyone spoke so good about it we just found the perfect gift.

As we don’t live in Barcelona but a village 2h far away from, we decided to go in the morning so as to spend all the day there. I couldn’t have had a better mother’s day. We took lots of photos, selfies and silly ones. We went to the Wax museum; we walked through Gràcia and more amazing sites. After that we went to the musical and it really worth it.

I’m sorry but I can’t describe the musical, you have to go and see by yourselves. It’s just… incredible. As the day we spend together. I will never forget it. I really love it. 

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