Saturday, 9 May 2015

News related with Human Rights

UN Women infographic reveals starling inequalities of women's coverage in the media

Natasha Hinde wrote a nice contribution on Huffington Post on May 8, 2015. It’s about an infographic, provided by UN Women, showing the non-equal and poorly representation of the women on the media in general.
 Do you remember Human Rights, don’t you? The second article says the following photo and I do really believe it perfectly fits with the issue we are talking about. What about all that equality between different genders? What’s going on? This infographic shows that not all the article of the Human Rights is being practiced OK. It’s true to say that it’s merely recent all this change in the gender equality but it’s time to change it!

A writer on the UN Woman says: “We still are far from a balanced representation or portrayal in the media. In fact, our research shows that the ratio of male to female characters in films has been exactly the same since 1946”.

 After saying that, she adds that if we want to achieve the equality we must work out in many issues like laws, education and representation in government, and so on, but the primordial one is with the media because it has a big impact on the rules and way of acting on everyone. 

Have a look to the infographic and give your opinion, i'm pretty sure it'll be the same as mine.

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