Saturday, 9 May 2015


First new spices of river dolphin

Brian Clark wrote an article on National Geographic January 23, 2015 about a new river dolphin endangered found in Brazil.

Discovered in Araguaia River Basin, in central Brazil and It was thought to be isolated from the other river dolphins called “botos”. This isolation explains the different AND forms from the other dolphins. More different characteristics were found as the teeth number comparing with other “botos” and also the cranial size.

Rosenbaum, a specialist genetic differentiation of dolphins and whales, said that to bolster this new spice they should seek on more addition data.

They are qualified as being endangered because of many reasons. Some of them are because of the constructions on the river, by the fisherman who kill them and because of the agricultural and ranching activities. The Brazilian scientist had only seen 120 exemplars of this new dolphin nominated as Inia araguaiaensis.

 Rosenbaum underscores the necessity to keep on with the researches so as to know how this endangered reason can affect them in a proper future.

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