Monday, 27 October 2014

Is humour necessary?

"Your sense of humour is one of the most powerful tool you have to make certain that yor daily mood and emotional state support good health" Paul E. McGhee

troughout our history, humour has been in our lives and mind, but not only in human's brain. Nowadays, many scientists and ohilosophers have looked into that the majority of animals are emotional especially dolphins and monkeys.

If humour has been choosen by the evolution, it's because all of us need it in our daily lives, unlike the vestigials organs, like the human's tail.

It's known worldwide that humour is extremely necessary. Roaring laughter is good for our health, because humour helps you keep a positive and optimistic outlook even in th most difficult times. Actually most of people are stressed because of the silly bosses, the revolutionary attaks of their children, struggles at home, etz...

The ability to laugh and have fun with others make life more enjoyable and helps you save problems as well as connecting with society and being more creative.

In conclusion, we do really need humour like air. Not only because it's a natural issue, but also because humour really enhaces our emotional helath. Moreover it improves our social live being more extroverts and for dealing aith our stress, which is one of the main issues we need to solve.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Funny film : Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses is a film directed by Seth Gordon in 2011 which I went to see in the cinema. Is the story of three friends called Nick, Dale and Kurt who have problems with their bosses, respectively, Dave, Dr Julia and Bobby. As the bosses are making their life impossible the friends will treat to kill them or just trying to stand up to them.

Nick (Jason Bateman) is working hard in the company as to be promoted and after a hard probationary period, Dave (Kevin Spacey), the boss, reject his vacancy promoting himself to the work place.

Dale (Charlie Day) is a dentist assistant of an excited dentist caller Dr Julia (Jennifer Anniston) who accuses of him meanwhile the operations putting him between a rock and a hard place I his couple.

Finally, Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) flies off the handle with the dead boss son Bobby (Colin Farrell). He takes over the business of his dead father and he doesn’t know how to do it as he is always drug and making employee’s life dreadful.

As you can imagine there’s a twist at the end between employees and bosses and the film couldn’t be more hilarious.

One of the best moments in the film is when Dr Julia tries to make sex with Dale and as he doesn’t want it he denies walking for her but she makes and ambush to him. Let’s see it:

Another favourite scene on the film is when the three friends are trying to destroy Kurt’s boss, Bobby, and meanwhile they are in his house, they have a little problem with the drug they find there. Have a look on minute 1:30 :

And the last but not the less funny scene in the film is when the stupid boss or Kurt wants to dismiss a pregnant woman because he thought he was only fat:

So, here you have lots of arguments why you should see this gorgeous film. I really enjoyed the film as I can thoroughly recommend this film. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


My Joke

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

News: First Ebola case diagnosed in the US

As of today this last outbreak of the Ebola virus has killed around 3000 people in West Africa. But it’s still giving new cases in different countries.

An unidentified man defined as critically hill has been kept in isolation in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital because is thought to have contracted the Ebola virus, especially in Liberia two weeks ago.

This unnamed patient wasn’t treating with Ebola-infected patients meanwhile he was in Liberia. He arrived in the US on the 20th of September without any symptoms of the virus. It wasn’t until the 24th of September that his first symptoms hadn’t appeared. Four days after he was kept in isolation.

This reprehensible disease spreads via close contact with bodily fluids. As a matter of fact, health officials are working to keep in touch to everyone who had been near to this Ebola affected patient. After that, all those people will be monitored 21 days to make sure if they have contracted the illness.

The Texas Health Hospital where the patient had hospitalized said that they are prepared and ready to fight this disease and to help stopping it.

I thing that everybody is a little scared because of the new Ebola outbreak. This is an extremely beastly disease and you don’t know where will be the next country being affected as well as is we will be capable to battle against it.

We all hope the best for everyone and a lot of luck and rays of hope to everyone who’s affected of Ebola virus. 


The foto shows how the patients must be transported in the case they are afected by the Ebola virus.

A new from BBC News, 1 October 2014 :

E-mail : My Dream

Good Night Sònia,

I’m writing to explain you my dream but the truth is that I don’t have a big one. Or maybe I have lots of them and now none come to my mind. Well, maybe there’s one that can be very significant for me. But I’m not very sure if I could call it dream.

As you know, I’m quite a “strange” girl. I’m not as social as all the other students might be. Moreover, depending on the day I can be very bad tempered… but that’s another thing.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in with anybody and it’s a big challenge for me to be open to new friendships. It’s like if I made a getaway from everybody, and this is really interfering in my mood, it’s a mantra. I have been trying to change my personality as trying to find out new solutions for my problem all these early years.

As I’m still looking forward to it, my dream is to keep going putting my best effort to discover why I’m so shy, close and narrow-minded and of course, to mend it. I’m going to face my challenges and I’m not going to give up trying to change my personality.

I could be very proud of me if I met the solution of my problem and then make my dream come true. I must be alert to every single little step. This could represent a very significant change of my emotional mood.

Hope it has been interesting to read and to share with me. J
Have a good week!!