Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Human Rights

Human Right are all the 30 rights inherent to everyone in the world for the reason that we are a human.
There are 30 rights in total and during all the history of the human living has been talked about this topic. During the years this Right has been changes as well as it's name. Som name examples of this documents are Magna CArta (1215), the Engish Bill of Rights (1689) and the United States Bill of Rights(1719).
To tell the truth, I wasn't familiar with any of all the 30 Human Right. And thats why I think teachers should teach us this kind of things earlier.

The Right to seek a safe place to live

This Right is on number 14 and I firstly want to stand out this moving video as an example to represent how important it is to have a household. 
Even if you are an adult, a teenager or even more poignant a young girl or boy; everyone should have this valuable Right.
Imagine a situation like the video, a situation where you aren't save anywhere, a situation where you even have a roof to protect you from the storms or the droughts.
Just conceive what it could be like to live under pursuits where you cannot get out of.
From my point of view I personally think we ought to have this fundamental Right so as to live equal and to live with minium conditions as well as to be able to have somewhere to shelter.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The top 6 saga and book list I’m looking forward to read

I have to say that my list of book I want to read this 2015 is very extensive but they are all in my mind. In total are 17 book and they are not thin. But as a good reader I am, it’s better late than never, so it doesn’t mind if I don’t finish them on 2015.

Divergent trilogy: I get to know this trilogy (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) thanks to the trailer of the first parte book. The author is Veronica Roth and Santa Claus brings me the entire trilogy on Christmas. This story is about a future forecast one. The main character is Tris and the society she lives is divided in five sections where they decide to belong in a determinate age. But something new is going to happen in Tris live and that’s what makes a very fascinating saga.

The fault in our stars: This love story of John Green is between to teenager, both with cancer. And it shows how they fall in love and how they get through their cancer. I have already read the book as well as seen the film. Nevertheless I fall in love with this love story that I just want read it again.

City of Bones SAGA: This is a huge saga composed of five books (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls) by Cassandra Clare. Those are another love saga as Twilight; there are werewolves, demons, angels, ghosts and all this kind of stuff. It has only brought to the screen the first book but I’m sure the rest is coming.

Gone SAGA: This is a larger saga than Cassandra ones. This saga completed of six books (Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light) by Michael Grant is full of mystery, passion, desperation, love and intrigue. I haven’t read anyone of these book but my sister and her boyfriend give me for Christmas one of this book. As they aren’t readers they couldn’t know that it was a saga, so they give me the third one without knowing anything. So I have the third book and I have to buy the first to have a good start.

The Book Thief: By Markus Zusak talks about a young girl living on the Hitler era. I don’t know what’s the plot of the book due to I haven’t seen the film either. My friend Lydia gave it to me las summer for my birthday and I haven’t already read it.

Anne Frank diary: This book it’s like the main story which is read by all the children in the world. But I haven’t and I feel discomfort with it. Moreover, it’s related with another book as The Fault in our stars and since then I fell attached to read it.

The top 4 films I’m looking forward to see this 2015

This four trailer films are from what I’m almost looking forward to see in cinema or home this 2015 with difference.

Minions:  I just love their voice. They are absolutely adorable. Aren’t they? I get to know them by looking on the TV the second part of the film Despicable Me. And when I found out watching this trailer on cinemas I couldn’t be more excited to this film especially for them.

Pitch Perfect 2: I didn’t see this film on school as almost my school mates did. I’m just a cinema fan I just found the first part on the internet. I saw it once and then twice and more and more times. So now I’m just looking forward the second part which I think will not disappoint anyone.

Furious 7: This saga has motivated me since the first film of them. I just love the cars they use for the films, the action and also the actors performed in it. Two years ago died one of the main actors, Paul Walker, and I personally think it’s good to commemorate his death.

Insurgent: it’s the second part of the trilogy of Veronica Roth. I get to know this saga for the astonishing first part trailer, after seeing the first one on the screen I bought the entire trilogy to read it. But because of the high school I haven’t read all of them. So I hope to have time to read this trilogy before the second part comes to screen.

15 Qualities that mean you’re a workaholic. And you love it


Liz Rae wrote on Elite Daily on 13/3/15 an interesting article about 15 qualities that you can be reflected in meaning you are a workaholic as the title says.

1.       You get on average of 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. And it’s not because you can’t sleep because of work, well, it’s, but it’s also due to you think life is too short for you to sleep.
2.       You’re either incredibly organized or talented hot mess. Liz Rae confesses that she has three calendars, not only one. She has them on the phone, online and on her wall.
3.       Your first instinct when you wake up is to make coffee. This point is even more important than to think about what hour you have to wake up on the morning. Firstly is the coffee anyway.
4.       You also think about your coffee intake all day. Coffee is for this person like a drug.
5.       You find the most efficient way to do everything. Everything means sleep, travel, spend your money even more going to the bathroom. Moreover, if something is wasting your time you get angry.
6.       You know everyone
7.       You value hard work. Workaholic doesn’t take the easy path. If you slack off you know it’s inefficient.
8.       You know the best way to use smartphone. In your phone the app you use is that one that finds you the quickest way to go to work, to file an expense report, to do mobile banking…
9.       You know how to make work exciting. Because you like to live day-by-day with jokes or with taking lunch with new people every day.
10.   You don’t take days off
11.   You get annoyed when people tell you you’re a workaholic. As Liz Rae says, you already know this fact, so why do people feel the need to tell you?
12.   You also get annoyed when people don’t work as hard.
13.   You’re driven. Liz Rae explains this by meaning that you have underlying goals, that you want to change the world and that you’re doing what’s best for you.
14.   You’ve a small group of friends. You only want friends who understand your effort to work as much.
15.   You’re successful. Making money, changing the lives of others and working on large-scale projects is what drives you to get out of bed at 4am.

I don’t consider myself as a strict workaholic person but I have that impression in some points. For example, I consider myself with points 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 14 and of course 13 and 15. They are many but not all of them are exactly done in my life. I have spent a joyful time reading this article because I have heard many time of this but I have never seen anything written down. That’s nice.

Chocolate can make people happier and 12% more productive


Chris Riotta wrote in Elite Daily on 13/3/15 a research of new study made. This study is about chocolate. And guess what?

If we eat chocolate throughout the day we will increase a 10 and even a 12 percent our levels of happiness and work. This study made to 700 people has emphatically proved it because all of those candidates were able to perform accurately on test given.

So, you can eat chocolate! Even if you are on a diet! Essentially, chocolate help us to work harder and more productively.

Next week when I’ll be going to school I won’t think twice on taking with me some snack chocolate so as to work better.

Will you do it? Let’s try it! Prosper life to chocolate!

What it feels to have a broken heart and try to love anyway


Paul Hudson has written on Elite Daily on 13/3/15 a related history of mine. I recently have split up with my boyfriend and this new had really attacked my attention.

Paul Hudson is explaining that it’s not true or correct to use the phrase “a broken heart” because, as he says, nothing is truly break, nothing physical or psychological. He rectifies it as that we’ve simply detached ourselves from the world we thought we knew and found ourselves in a separated version of reality. And I couldn’t agree more with him. Moreover, he explains how we feel when “our heart breaks” as that when we’re realizing the realities we though to exist were nothing more than fantasy. Another fact can’t deny.

In this time of “breaking heart” we aren’t sure of what to do with ourselves because we don’t understand why the person we love so much just walked out of us. And even if we fight till the end to keep going on live we’ll never stop thinking on that individual. This is due to the high influence he/she was on our life.

Moreover our personality makes a change. We aren’t as optimistic as we were to the idea of love, we don’t have that trust we had at the beginning. Nevertheless, sooner or later all this believes will become mundane that we will feel like give love another shot.

Firstly, as Paul Hudson explains, we will find every new candidate shorter than the person who gone away. But that’s love my friends! As Paul Hudson says in the article, if love isn’t carried along by ain, longing or worry it can’t be called love.

Then, when all those feelings we once had aren’t present every day on our mind but it hadn’t disappeared either we’ll be ready to move on. We’ll start thinking optimistically as that there’s someone else out there for us.

If only I had met this writer before… it’s simply awesome how he write and explains feelings and daily situations… just fall in love with it. As you can see, I couldn’t agree more with him and I’m entirely open and full of energy to help going whatever the problem it comes in front of me. Thanks to Paul Hudson I feel comfortable and I believe in myself I’ll get over this broken heart situation.

Thanks you Paul Hudson.

Healthy vegetarian diet tips: how to make sure you eat enough protein


Brogan Drisoll wrote an article on Huffington post on 13/3/15 about which and how to combine vegetables so as to get enough proteins in the vegetarian diet, called protein-combining.

It’s a fact that not all the 20 amino acid are produced by the human body so we have to ingest those nine essential amino acids none produced by. It’s crucial to combine all the proteins due to the muscle growth and repair as well as a source of fuel for our bodies.

Brogan Drisoll has divides his article in five main groups sources of protein which are all preferable to combine.
1.       Plant-based completed proteins included in soya beans and products like tempeh or tofu, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and chlorella and spirulina.
2.       Vegetarian sources of animal proteins from organic eggs and dairy products.
3.       First group of proteins: whole grains. For example; brown rice, barley, rye, millet, oats and wholegrain pasta.
4.       Second group of proteins: nuts/seeds. For example; sunflower, hemp, sesame, pumpkin seeds, seed sprouts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and nut butter.
5.       Third group: legumes. For example; chickpeas, peas, black eyed beans, kidney beans and bean sprouts.

Many people recently had change it’s died to this vegetarian one. And I personally think it’s good to eat those so as to reduce the amount of animals we kill to eat and vegetable are easy to work with, economically better and preferable to eat.

10 Mother’s day quotes that sum up how awesome our mums are


Poorna Bell posted on Huffington Post on 13/3/15 a lovely wrote about the most aesthetically pleasing quotes for our mums.
Mummies have always help un whatever the situation is, comforting us thought boyfriends, to cuddles and hug us and an endless list of this kind of affections.
Fort his and for too much more we will never pay them back enough. So, Poorna Bell found 10 fantastic quotes dedicated to all this bonny mothers.

1.       Of course I’m a good mother. They’re still alive, aren’t they?
2.       Happiness is seeing your mother smile.
3.       Any mother can be a mother, but it takes a BAD-ASS mom to be a dad too.
4.       Love your parents. We are so busy growing up; we often forget they are also growing old.
5.       The women cleaned your butt.



7.       Every day I become a little bit more like my mother. And I couldn’t be prouder.
8.       Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.


I couldn’t agree more with Poorna. What’s the best present than telling your mom any of those quotes? And it’s true; family will be there for anything, whatever you have done to them. Because there’s nothing better than listen to the heart of your mother beating to ease you.

Young people are drinking less. Why?


Eugene Smith has posed a very interesting post on 13/3/15.

It’s true to say that almost all the teens drink alcohol but the ONS (Office for National Statistics) has discovered a downward in this trend.

Some explanations of this stunning fact are because of the rising proportion of religiosity. For example, the Muslims (7% of young people in UK) have largely forbid alcohol consumption. Moreover, this is happening in UK because of the change in the ethnic make up in the country as well as the high immigration levels.

Another point of the fact is by reasons of the economics situations as well as the bad thought of the university student’s party. That is to say that many people have in mind that university students are always having fun on parties. A student has told to the Huffington pot that this isn’t true. They only go out on parties in special occasions as Halloween or birthdays. Nevertheless, alcohol is being replaced for coffee, which, in my point of view, can be worst. But that’s another topic.

Other reason of this decreasing alcohol drinkers are due to the traumatising bad experiences from hangovers/ stomach-pumps/ love of someone loved, due to the use of social media that makes young people spend more time at home, at the drink ware influence groups and the rise in civility as nicer youth, kinder and more well-balanced one.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m extremely glad on this change because I’m one of those persons who think that alcohol needs to be replaced. I hope this contraction goes ahead in many others countries and that at the end the percentage of drinkers be too much lower than what it is today.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My soul mate at this point

When someone talks about a soulmate, many people connect it with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Gut it doesn’t has to be like this. The real meaning of a soulmate is a person for whom one has a deep affinity, especially a lover, wife, husband, etc. However, I don’t really believe it should be specially a lover. From my point of view it’s enough if a soul mate is someone with whom you connect with and whit whom you see yourself reflected in like a mirror.

My soul mate should be an extremely positive person, so as to make up for my pessimism. Apart from this difference, all the remaining must be straight the same as my character. My soul mate is a friend who understands you, a friend who is always there helping for anything, a friend who knows what to say in every occasion as well as a friend who doesn’t lie you.

Nevertheless, not only the character may be the same, the attitude in controversial situations in addition of what to do in your free time. As a matter of fact my soul mate could be a friend who never says no to a cinema session even if it’s at home or at the same cinema, a friend who will give you millions of hugs and little surprises, a friend who loves seeing the sunrise as well as walking under the sunset, a friend who loves animals, a friend who goes with you to a difficult meetings with familiars, a friend who goes with you shopping, a friend who is desperate to drink cafĂ© in a relaxed place and talking for hours, a friend who loves going to the beach just for a couple of hours and walking on the dripping sand…

In the same way my soul mate is a friend who is laughing with you all the time for any silliness or when little discussion is starting. Furthermore my soul mate could love making future plans together parallel with the affection of travelling unitedly.