Saturday, 14 March 2015

What it feels to have a broken heart and try to love anyway

Paul Hudson has written on Elite Daily on 13/3/15 a related history of mine. I recently have split up with my boyfriend and this new had really attacked my attention.

Paul Hudson is explaining that it’s not true or correct to use the phrase “a broken heart” because, as he says, nothing is truly break, nothing physical or psychological. He rectifies it as that we’ve simply detached ourselves from the world we thought we knew and found ourselves in a separated version of reality. And I couldn’t agree more with him. Moreover, he explains how we feel when “our heart breaks” as that when we’re realizing the realities we though to exist were nothing more than fantasy. Another fact can’t deny.

In this time of “breaking heart” we aren’t sure of what to do with ourselves because we don’t understand why the person we love so much just walked out of us. And even if we fight till the end to keep going on live we’ll never stop thinking on that individual. This is due to the high influence he/she was on our life.

Moreover our personality makes a change. We aren’t as optimistic as we were to the idea of love, we don’t have that trust we had at the beginning. Nevertheless, sooner or later all this believes will become mundane that we will feel like give love another shot.

Firstly, as Paul Hudson explains, we will find every new candidate shorter than the person who gone away. But that’s love my friends! As Paul Hudson says in the article, if love isn’t carried along by ain, longing or worry it can’t be called love.

Then, when all those feelings we once had aren’t present every day on our mind but it hadn’t disappeared either we’ll be ready to move on. We’ll start thinking optimistically as that there’s someone else out there for us.

If only I had met this writer before… it’s simply awesome how he write and explains feelings and daily situations… just fall in love with it. As you can see, I couldn’t agree more with him and I’m entirely open and full of energy to help going whatever the problem it comes in front of me. Thanks to Paul Hudson I feel comfortable and I believe in myself I’ll get over this broken heart situation.

Thanks you Paul Hudson.

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