Saturday, 14 March 2015

The top 6 saga and book list I’m looking forward to read

I have to say that my list of book I want to read this 2015 is very extensive but they are all in my mind. In total are 17 book and they are not thin. But as a good reader I am, it’s better late than never, so it doesn’t mind if I don’t finish them on 2015.

Divergent trilogy: I get to know this trilogy (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) thanks to the trailer of the first parte book. The author is Veronica Roth and Santa Claus brings me the entire trilogy on Christmas. This story is about a future forecast one. The main character is Tris and the society she lives is divided in five sections where they decide to belong in a determinate age. But something new is going to happen in Tris live and that’s what makes a very fascinating saga.

The fault in our stars: This love story of John Green is between to teenager, both with cancer. And it shows how they fall in love and how they get through their cancer. I have already read the book as well as seen the film. Nevertheless I fall in love with this love story that I just want read it again.

City of Bones SAGA: This is a huge saga composed of five books (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls) by Cassandra Clare. Those are another love saga as Twilight; there are werewolves, demons, angels, ghosts and all this kind of stuff. It has only brought to the screen the first book but I’m sure the rest is coming.

Gone SAGA: This is a larger saga than Cassandra ones. This saga completed of six books (Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light) by Michael Grant is full of mystery, passion, desperation, love and intrigue. I haven’t read anyone of these book but my sister and her boyfriend give me for Christmas one of this book. As they aren’t readers they couldn’t know that it was a saga, so they give me the third one without knowing anything. So I have the third book and I have to buy the first to have a good start.

The Book Thief: By Markus Zusak talks about a young girl living on the Hitler era. I don’t know what’s the plot of the book due to I haven’t seen the film either. My friend Lydia gave it to me las summer for my birthday and I haven’t already read it.

Anne Frank diary: This book it’s like the main story which is read by all the children in the world. But I haven’t and I feel discomfort with it. Moreover, it’s related with another book as The Fault in our stars and since then I fell attached to read it.

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