Monday, 26 November 2012


For me the worst film I've ever seen is Paranormal activity 2. Not the one or the thert or the forth. The second because its the only of Paranormal that I've seen. You will ask yourself why I watched if I don't like that tipes of films, the reason is that I had to see it in englisg class a few years ago and I have to say that I couldn't sleep in a few of months... Just listening the title I start looking around if there's something around me...
If I have to choose what's the worst scene I think that I'll choose the moments when the small boy was sleeping because I didn't know what was going to happen. The worst is that It seems real becaus the actors did a good job and because it's like a true story because they are like the cameras of a house and for do the film they just take the reproductions and thats the why I'm scared all time... because it seems simply real.
Of course I don't have a favourite moment because I was scare, oh my God I feel like It was my last day in the earth.
For that persons who don't know of what this film is about I'm going to explai it very in a few sentences:
The film is basen in a house that an evil want the solu of a small boy, the family don't know what happen in the house till the moment that the daughter of the house find information in internet. Then they recognise that they had to quit the evil of the house.

As you can imagine I just take the video from youtube, I didn't have the courage for see it so... enjoy your selves of it.

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The tell-tale heart is abaut a men who had a dead eye who lived in a hous with another men. That men one day listened the ols men heart breathing, it every moment more louder, and more louder. the men couldn't stand more with that strange noise and  he finally killed the old man. He puts him under the floor of his oun room. The police come to the house because someone listened a scream in there. The police ask the man where was the old men and he said that he leve home for a couple of weaks. The police fins arround the house the ols man till suddently the men listenen a clock sound, like the breathing heart of the old men. The sound was getting louder, it was like the dead men was doing it, like he was waitting sometihng. He was waitting the men to say the truth of were his courpse was, and he did it. Finally the police take the men to prison.

Edgar Allan Poe was who invented the tell-heart story but it wasn't the first horror story, the fist one was THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE published in 1841. Edgar Allan Poe write about detective stories too wich them speak about crimes. Not just detective story, he write books about the limits of technology too.

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Horace Walpole was who invented the gothic novels because he wrote THE CASTLE OF ORATRO published in 1764. I didn't put in my list the setting in a castle, and it's true because always is in a enchanted house or castle. I dindn't put an ancient tale or prophecy too.

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My day started badly, but itgot better and better. Firstly my clock dindn't ring so I got up early and I lost my bus. Thanks t my grandfather I could arrive school on time. I forgot my history book too. So my teacher put me a letter for my arents. I don't want to show it to them because they are angry with me because my other teacher called them this morning too to say that I dindn't pass an exam. Suddenly it started to rain and I leave my house key at chool so I had to wait for mum to arrive in the street. I was weat and by the way my bag dropped and the letters teacher inside...
Every thing changed when my best frined called me at night. She explained me what she did all day and I explain her my bad day. She invited me in her party and she made me happy but I was uppset because I knew that my parent won't let me go to the party. My friend told me that she spook with them and they said yes. I was impressed because I realised that she was the only person that understood me.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Cristy was a girl who lived in Portugal.
She was a cute girl, generous and kind. He was living with their parents and she had a boyfriend called Jason. Cristy was fourteen and Jason fifteen. Her life was perfect until her luck ended.
Cristy was leaving school at tree o'clock in the evening but she never return home. Her parents called her more than twice but she never picked the phone up. 
It was seven o'clock and she was absent at home. 
Her parents knew that something had happened because she always tell their parents if she was going somewhere and she always had battery in her phone.
Her parents called the police inmediatly and they come home suddently. The police called Jason and he didn't knew anything of it. He come home too. Everyone was waiting Cristy but she dindn't come back. More agents of police come home and start looking for Cristy around the city where she was living, Lisboa.
One day had passed since her dissapearance. More agents of police, more rastreator dogs and more hours without new of Cristy. Six hours later, someone called the police deppartment and told that had listened a young girl shoutting into the opposite house. A lots of police cars come to that house and spoke with the persons who was inside, better said with the person who was there. It wasn't a normal person. It was a man who has compounds of raping girls. The police dind't listen to anyone more at home but when they told it to Cristys parents they were sure that he was who had Cristy. The police calm them and took more rounds around the houses of were the advise had been taken, but they didn't find anything.
Next monday one mother called the police because she had found a dead girl next to a wood. The police couldn't imagine the notice till they where there. They take the corpse for their parents for identificate. Cristys parents identificate their son inmediately. Cristys mother had depresion and her dad was very sad. They did a great funeral to Cristy.
The police couldn't imagine how bad was that man, the man who killed and raped Cristy to quickly. And the worst thing, how he disappeared in a few hours.

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Monday, 5 November 2012


Well, one question that I have to answer is if I take a good self-analysis, and my real answer is no. I knew before the tests of the animal  what I am like more or less and with things I agree but another things I don't agree.
I have to say that the animal I was thinking wasn't the animal that the test choose for me. But not always those test say the true because not al the thing was ike how I am.
About the intellingence test I totally agree with the answer because it's true that I prefer the careers of working alone and the careers that you have to think and write, like criminology, writer, actor or philosopher.
They are like one of my dreams, be a criminologist and after this test I'm more sure about what I want to be in a future.
My career of criminoloy can contribute in the society helping them to know what happened with for example the people that had dide, or crimes that I can solve for them for do one or another thing. something like to open he eyes too the people to the real life and of what the people are keeping themselves and it's  important for the other people.


Record audio or upload mp3 >> My hero is my mother. She had a bafd childhood and she learnt a lot of the live, this is why she matured very quickly. She's the person who I can always tell my problems, she's the person who I can trust all times and sh'e a person who never will lie me. She helps everybody, at any time, at any situation, whathever you did to her before. She's a patient person and she always want to have the truth. What makes me fel small is that she always has the truth. My mother is very strong. I think that because wharever the situation we are in, like when my sister was in the hospital and just right now too, she is always with a smail in her face. She tries to solve problems inside her, she doesn't show as how she really feels. Ahe tries you not to be sad. I really love my mother because she give me my live and my education and I admire her for all the things that she had to pas alone and with my family too. I'll never can grateful her enough for all this thing.