Monday, 26 November 2012


My day started badly, but itgot better and better. Firstly my clock dindn't ring so I got up early and I lost my bus. Thanks t my grandfather I could arrive school on time. I forgot my history book too. So my teacher put me a letter for my arents. I don't want to show it to them because they are angry with me because my other teacher called them this morning too to say that I dindn't pass an exam. Suddenly it started to rain and I leave my house key at chool so I had to wait for mum to arrive in the street. I was weat and by the way my bag dropped and the letters teacher inside...
Every thing changed when my best frined called me at night. She explained me what she did all day and I explain her my bad day. She invited me in her party and she made me happy but I was uppset because I knew that my parent won't let me go to the party. My friend told me that she spook with them and they said yes. I was impressed because I realised that she was the only person that understood me.

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