Monday, 26 November 2012


The tell-tale heart is abaut a men who had a dead eye who lived in a hous with another men. That men one day listened the ols men heart breathing, it every moment more louder, and more louder. the men couldn't stand more with that strange noise and  he finally killed the old man. He puts him under the floor of his oun room. The police come to the house because someone listened a scream in there. The police ask the man where was the old men and he said that he leve home for a couple of weaks. The police fins arround the house the ols man till suddently the men listenen a clock sound, like the breathing heart of the old men. The sound was getting louder, it was like the dead men was doing it, like he was waitting sometihng. He was waitting the men to say the truth of were his courpse was, and he did it. Finally the police take the men to prison.

Edgar Allan Poe was who invented the tell-heart story but it wasn't the first horror story, the fist one was THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE published in 1841. Edgar Allan Poe write about detective stories too wich them speak about crimes. Not just detective story, he write books about the limits of technology too.

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