Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Research paper abstract

Important words: Quarantine plague, methods of eradication, life cycle and taxonomy of the beetle and long-term concerns.

Have you recently seen fade crown palms and you don’t know why this is happening? It’s because of the reed palm weevil plague. My research paper is about this scarab quarantine plague which is affecting almost all the Phoenix canariensis palm around the coastal provinces in Europe.

In my project I have talked about how this beetle was introduced in our country as well as from where it comes from. Moreover, I found very interesting to know every detail of its taxonomy and life cycle (Oviposition, larvae and adult). You can also find in my research paper all the palms attacked by the beetle called Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, the methods used to eradicate this wicked infestation plus the future global difficulties to eradicate the plague if this act isn’t put into more stubbornness.

From my point of view I personally think it’s good to get to know this social problem so as to shout out to the gardeners and the town halls to put on treatment the affected palms.