Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Cristy was a girl who lived in Portugal.
She was a cute girl, generous and kind. He was living with their parents and she had a boyfriend called Jason. Cristy was fourteen and Jason fifteen. Her life was perfect until her luck ended.
Cristy was leaving school at tree o'clock in the evening but she never return home. Her parents called her more than twice but she never picked the phone up. 
It was seven o'clock and she was absent at home. 
Her parents knew that something had happened because she always tell their parents if she was going somewhere and she always had battery in her phone.
Her parents called the police inmediatly and they come home suddently. The police called Jason and he didn't knew anything of it. He come home too. Everyone was waiting Cristy but she dindn't come back. More agents of police come home and start looking for Cristy around the city where she was living, Lisboa.
One day had passed since her dissapearance. More agents of police, more rastreator dogs and more hours without new of Cristy. Six hours later, someone called the police deppartment and told that had listened a young girl shoutting into the opposite house. A lots of police cars come to that house and spoke with the persons who was inside, better said with the person who was there. It wasn't a normal person. It was a man who has compounds of raping girls. The police dind't listen to anyone more at home but when they told it to Cristys parents they were sure that he was who had Cristy. The police calm them and took more rounds around the houses of were the advise had been taken, but they didn't find anything.
Next monday one mother called the police because she had found a dead girl next to a wood. The police couldn't imagine the notice till they where there. They take the corpse for their parents for identificate. Cristys parents identificate their son inmediately. Cristys mother had depresion and her dad was very sad. They did a great funeral to Cristy.
The police couldn't imagine how bad was that man, the man who killed and raped Cristy to quickly. And the worst thing, how he disappeared in a few hours.

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