Wednesday, 1 October 2014

E-mail : My Dream

Good Night Sònia,

I’m writing to explain you my dream but the truth is that I don’t have a big one. Or maybe I have lots of them and now none come to my mind. Well, maybe there’s one that can be very significant for me. But I’m not very sure if I could call it dream.

As you know, I’m quite a “strange” girl. I’m not as social as all the other students might be. Moreover, depending on the day I can be very bad tempered… but that’s another thing.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in with anybody and it’s a big challenge for me to be open to new friendships. It’s like if I made a getaway from everybody, and this is really interfering in my mood, it’s a mantra. I have been trying to change my personality as trying to find out new solutions for my problem all these early years.

As I’m still looking forward to it, my dream is to keep going putting my best effort to discover why I’m so shy, close and narrow-minded and of course, to mend it. I’m going to face my challenges and I’m not going to give up trying to change my personality.

I could be very proud of me if I met the solution of my problem and then make my dream come true. I must be alert to every single little step. This could represent a very significant change of my emotional mood.

Hope it has been interesting to read and to share with me. J
Have a good week!!


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