Saturday, 9 May 2015


Broccoli could be key to preventing “fatal” cancers

Natasha Hinde wrote on Huffington Post an article about miraculous fact about cancer on April 20, 2015.
According to scientist, eating broccoli can prevent head and neck cancer. They first proved with some mice, and then with healthy human volunteers obtaining promising results.

After proving this theory the broccoli sprouts therapeutic, researchers are now extending the trials to high recurrence persons to have neck cancer with broccoli seeds powered capsules.

Dr Johnson professor of medicine at University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute though that if the high concentration sulforaphane on vegetables could prevent cancer in mice it could be effective with human too.

Isn’t incredible how science is progressing? Imagine if this really works with cancer patients. In spite of all the experiment bring about to prevent or cure cancer anyone has seem to be “the one”. But maybe we don’t need the one. We may only need to have a good diet eating all the vegetables found that can prevent or reduce the probability of having cancer.

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