Saturday, 9 May 2015


Why girls with dogs are more spontaneous, adventurous and carefree

Barrie wrote an interesting fact on Elite Daily May 8, 2015 about the connection between psychological women character and the care of a doggy.

She starts saying that what most people think about taking care of a dog make us more responsible and that this helps not to care only about oneself. After saying that, she explains why this effects on being more spontaneous, adventurous and carefree.

1)      We engage in the lost art of wondering. That’s because dogs infects to the owner the delight of wandering around cities, parks towns as the dog.
2)      We are not afraid to get dirty. Zara remarks girls without dog are in utter terror at the mere sight of dirty. Dogs are barefoot and pick up all the filth and that doesn’t care the slightest to women with a dog.
3)      We are playful. Those women know how to have fun with the care free of a child without being intoxicated because they have learned from their dogs how to let go.
4)      We understand what it means to love unconditionally. As well as the dog loves the owner unconditionally, the dynamic of this relationship makes the owner love the doggy the same way. So as the owner not only loves the dog, also to other persons.
5)      The only thing leashed in our lives is our dog. That’s why we don’t find anyone to fill the empty gaps in us; the dog is who does it. Moreover it gives us freedom from the other relationship with humans. It gives us independence.

Having a dog it’s more functional than what I though. I could never imagine such a huge important list for being more spontaneous and carefree only having a lovely dog. I hope to have one when I live home, I think it’s the most trustful animal (and person) in the world.

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