Saturday, 9 May 2015

My final reflection

This year has been a special one. It hasn’t been the boring classes as always. This year is my final one in the High School and I suppose Sonia, our teacher, wanted them to be memorable. And so she did it. Of course there were hour in the timetable better than others, but we really enjoyed every one of them.

Monday morning at 8 o’clock classes are reprehensible but all the funny games or speaking activities made them trendy. As I say, everything gets as all the effort you put on it, and seeing Sonia’s satisfied face is all everyone need in the morning

Nevertheless, I have to say that doing the blog hasn’t been one of my favourite activities, yet after many hours of asking me why we have to do such work it came to my mind the efficient it is to improve our facility to write as well as for our creativity.

Having said that, I can punctuate my writing skills and next to all the writings I have done I just can’t show my gratitude enough to this little obligation. Moreover, I have improved my grammar too, in reference to the connector and conditions classes. They have always been a complication for me.

This year has been plenty of joy and I have learned a lot with every topic we have spoken about. My favourite one was… all of them in fact. And I hope to keep learning alike this months.  

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  1. thank you very much for this highly positive feedback. it's been a great pleasure to share this adventure together, at 8.00 am and 13.30 too... You are all the teacher's pet!!! :)))