Saturday, 9 May 2015


6 Thing your home can live without

Home accessories expert Valerie Ott wrote a funny post on About Home talking about six special things we don’t need to buy for our lovely house.

1.      Toilet seat covers and rugs. She justifies because it contains lots of germs and moreover because they are one more extra thing to wash.

2.      Lots of picture frames.  Valerie gives her opinion saying that lots of frames can distract the attention. She advice to select the best ones and with the nicest frames. You can also put them through the wall stairs but absolutely not all of them at the same site.

3.      Outdated curtains. Many people believe that a window needs a curtain. But the writer sais that there’s no need to cover up all of them. Moreover, she expects that the curtains somebody has are old fashioned or faded by the sun.

4.      Florists’ vases. Those kinds of glass vases are outdated as the idea to have too many flowers on the table.

5.      Fake flower arrangement. Valerie prefers to have a lived tree or a plate of fruit than having dated plastic flowers.

6.      Too many knickknacks. Too many decorations in our rooms can make it cluttered and messy. And if you have a collection of them you ought to replace it time by time, not to have all of them showed.

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