Friday, 15 May 2015

My Enlish Progress in 2015

Firstly I’m going to start by comparing my first document (email to teacher) with my last composition with difference my personal development because I couldn’t be more proud of me. Now that I see the email I just can’t imagine how different I fell and think about the entire things I said. Now I’m more confident, I rely more in myself, I want to live life and I’m happy, I just smile at the world to whatever it comes to me. I’m not anymore that sad, depressive and pessimistic girl. Furthermore I have to add that this couldn’t be possible if I haven’t overtaken many bad experiences during the year. And my conclusion to this fact is the following, the one doesn’t diminish the other, we must bring out the good from the “bad” which in the end it’s not too bad.

I don’t really see many challenging grammar points in my writing but I do with the way I write them. I’m saying that I’m more fluent and it’s easier for me to complete the compositions. Pointing out my pronunciation it’s a topic that we all improve with time and practice. Moreover I have also improved my oral comprehension with the spectacular “Gone” book. A new story to dream with.

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