Sunday, 28 September 2014

Happiness & Career Success

Nowadays many people has a job which them spend on it 8, 6 hours of their time. Unfortunately, two out of three workers in the US and Canada affirm that they are unhappy at work. It was said that if you wanted to succeed in your career you might work harder. But now there’re a lot of evidences that is happiness what causes career success. Awesome, doesn’t it?

So, if you start a career with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm it will be more successful than a career sates with fears and without interest. Moreover, happier people are likely to get a second interview as well as finding job easier.

For all those positive people the model of “happiness and career success” is a loop:

Of course we need to work hard but firstly it’s much more important to develop the psychological resources for do that by increasing our positivity. Don’t worry if you aren’t a happy person, to turn the frown upside down, you can increase your positivity by focusing on the “three good things” activity. It’s based on writing three good things that happened in your life every day and in a couple of months you’ll recognise the difference.

As you can see happiness is needed for a successful career. If you don’t like your job is obvious that you won’t have a career success. This is another important point. So make sure you are working in what you want to be successful in your life.

Remember: work happier, not harder ;)

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