Sunday, 8 June 2014

Looking Back on your Blog

Well, I have to say that I have improved a lot during these years. Not only because of the projects we do in class, it's simply because the effort i put on it. Anything I have learnt couldn't be done if I didn't pain attention at it. So, YES, I improved more and more each day especially in the writing, of course. This term we have done too much writings but it's OK for our improvement.
You can see my improving, for example, comparing writing from this year and from the last one. I use more connectors and more link words. I have to confess that meanwhile I was doing the writing I followed a sheet with link word but it has helped me in memorizing it. Moreover my English has improves in the peaking too.
As I told you before, the writing is, for me, the key for learning faster and better. I think that it’s a very important part in learning because this way you have a better fluency in your speaking and its grate too for practicing the grammatical skills.  
I’m really sorry to tell you that the voice recorder project wasn’t useful at all…  I find it boring and there’s not a lot to speak about. When the teacher tells me to do that my inspiration flies away and that’s the reason why it’s not useful for me.
The project I like most… I don’t know which one I could choose. In general, all of them are good for our learning. But maybe, the FCE sheet exam is for me the most important one because it’s for our future exams and our career.
As far as I’m concerned, this year has been so useful because of the writing, maybe they were a lot of writing but it’s OK to repeat it again and again. I’m very proud of my improvement and I wish to keep learning English.

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