Saturday, 29 November 2014

News: Nightclubs for literature?

Johan Nylander wrote in the CNN on November 24, 2014 an article.

A bookshop in central Taipei called The Eslite is opened 24 hours a day. This is why book selling is booming in Taiwan.

Young and old people stay in the store reading on the tables, deeply engrossed in literary words. Ones are in the table, others standing up, sitting and lying down on the floor… but all of them in hushed silence.

Wen Hsuan Chang confirms that many people in Taipei do many things at night. This man is a teacher but also one of the most people who stays in the store at night.

Not only you can go and read in The Eslite on Taipei, there are around 42 stores in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and in the future more in Chine, but The Eslite was firstly opened in 1989.

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