Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Nowadays everybody have a mobile phone, elderly people, midle age, adolescents ans above all children. In fact, In my opinion I children gets mobile phone younger than they should.
I firmly believe that sons and children take control and are stronger than their parents.

On the one hand it's fine for young girls and boys to have a telephone because than their parents can know where they are, but on the other hand there are a lots of cons. For example, children don't really know ehat they want so maybe thay leave the mobile phone two or less weeks after their parents have bought it to them. Another reason it's just because they don't have the age to have a mobile phone. Who they want to call? It's not necessary to have a mobilephone, moreover because it's the age to run, to have fun with friends and enjoy their time playing with their classmates.

Owing to the telephone at that age, m ore than one child has problems with bulling, or stupid jokes and above all, the disconnection of the real world.

To summ up, In my opinion, children shouldn't have a mobile phone. They don't have the age and they aren't going to use it properly . We must try for them to avoid the way to connect them to the virtual world.
Why don't we try to have fun and play with them?

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