Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Dear mr. Lawrence,
I'm Joana Stepleton and I'm 15 years old. I'm interested in going to a summer language course and your advertisment has encouradged me.
The add says 2 weekens, 3 weekend or a mont. What does it really mean? How many weeks can I go there?
I'm 15 as I said before, I hope that I can join whatever my age is, can't I? Do the other students have my same age?
I don't want to be the youngest or the oldes, I would like to go with people of same age if it couls be possible.
The advertisment doesn't sayt he name of the village or the city where we are going to go, if I come of course... Can you tell me the name? Because I would like to find information in the web.
I really like football and basketball. Does the school have a football pitch or a pair of courts? If it doesn't, could you tell me wich sports are practised there?
I know that there are a lots of questions but I want to be sure that I'll do a good us of the money. Other thing that I would like to know...
Please send me a message if I can go and if you think I'll enjoy it.
Thank you very much,


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