Saturday, 26 April 2014


Hi Sara,
Glad to hear from you. It’s a fantastic idea! I think you should come in summer. I know it’s hot but it’s the best season to try different types of food because of the tourism.
My husband has a lot of friends and so do I. you can come for a weak with us to eat with all of them so you can see how they cook. I’ll give you the name of some restaurants as well. For example: “Cook Room” for pizzas or “Tapas” for the excellence of Spain. I’ll give you more when you arrive, don’t worry about that.
I’m really so tell you that we’ll not be there for your opening fay. We are going to India for a couple of weeks. But we’ll come as soon as we arrive from the trip.
Let me know when you’re going to come as we’ll say to our friends to meet you.
Lots of love,


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