Thursday, 3 April 2014

Your Say

This is a video that tells a little story with a moral beneath it. It's a very beautiful story and I recommend you to listen at it.
Once you see the video, surely you will be agreeing with me that egoism doesn't bring you anything less than problems. Anyone must be egoist because it doesn't affect only to him /her, it affect to everybody who's around you.
Maybe you’re saying I’m crazy, but think about it… One perfect example is reflected in childhood. When the little guys are growing they just want to do the same things adults do. If we are like egoists, everyone will be like this in a nearly future. Life is difficult and moreover when you are living in the same planet. We must live together, coexist.

So, take a time to think about it, change yourself if you consider egoist, say sorry for that in what you feel bad to do it… its better late than never.

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