Friday, 28 March 2014

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You couldn’t imagine what happened to me in Myanmar. I went there with my husband years ago, in summer. I think that this is the most exciting trip I’ve ever done. The story went this way:

In the morning we went to visit the city and as we walked a lot we were exhausted. It was too hot outside, nearly forty degrees and as you can imagine we sweated a lot. After we had had lunch we rested the siesta in our bungalow for a couple of hours. I wake up first and I went to check my make-up. Meanwhile I was in the bad room, my husband woke up too. I was nearly to finished when I listened him shouting: “Look” there’s a spider above the television on the wall!” I didn’t take care of it and without much interest I just said “Kill it”. Understand me; I thought it was a little spider, not a fourteen-centimetre-long one. My husband was paralyzed, he was in a shock. I immediately called the reception and they came in an open and close of the eyes. We thought that just one man were enough but they came five big ones. It took me by surprise.

At the same time they were taking a leader, I helped my husband to come to earth again. The man sprayed the spider and it felt on the floor unconsciously.

I’m not sure of what happened that afternoon… everything passed too quickly. What’s better is that I slept like a baby that night. If like nothing had happened.

Luckily we didn’t see another spider during the holidays. It’s been a memorable day, as the face my husband made because I’d never seen him like this. It was so funny!

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