Saturday, 8 March 2014

Your Say


Can you imagine a new world full of different colours? What would you think if people get mad and start changing the usual colours to unusual ones? I would get extremely enthusiastic.

People will be thoughtful and easy-going because things with colours make us more outgoing. Colours are the key to make us challenge our personality and even more in these times.

We are living in a period of crisis and people are grumpy and moody more than many years ago. A colourful life is what we need to disconnect!

Why don’t we paint the trees blue? Why don’t we paint the roads pink? Have you ever thought that? Technology has created many things, why couldn’t it create something to paint big structures?

As far as I’m concerned, I agree to change the boring things to agreeable objects. Let’s change our reserved character to a joyful one! Let’s paint the city with the colours of the rainbow! Everything is possible with a little bite of hope and enthusiasm.

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