Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Describing a photo connected with the request of the volunteering in Reef Conservation

Al the top of the photo we can see a perfectly transparent and blue water. It’s so clean and it transmits a lot of purity to me.

At the centre of the picture we can appreciate a majestic reef with it smalls and cute fishes swinging around it. They are orange with a good looking shape. The reef is absolutely adorable because of the colour, although you can find it as a simple reef, I consider that’s so valuable and that’s an argument that can be supported by many other divers.

The background is more or less the same; there are many reefs with its colours and silhouettes.  

I really like this photo because it makes me feel as if I were diving around the picture, as if I were there. Another reason why I find it gorgeous is because of the impact of the colours; all the background with a perfect blue, at the middle a subdued green reef and at the top of the reef an impact of colour on account of the fishes.

All the picture in itself passes on a movement, the form of the positions of the fishes are simply awesome…

I’m looking forward to go just right now, looking at those photos make me feel impatient to go and do the volunteering helping with the conservation with this awesome landscape.

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