Sunday, 22 September 2013

An interview

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-So, good morning everyone, this is radio 15,3 and today we are going to have an interview to Laia Dalmau, one of the best photografers of this time. Hi Laia!
-Hi Lukas!
-Thank you very musch to com here t our studio.
- Oh.. I'm glad to behere with you in tyour studio.
-Well Laia, you are on the first page of all the magazines thanks to your photos. How does it feel?
- It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable becaus I passed to an ordinary photographer to a on of the best one so, I'm very proud of me for the work I''m doing.
-You have to be proud because your photos let me without words. When fif you start taking photos?
-My granfather was cleaning the garage and he askes me to help him. I was carring a box and it fells me down on the floor. when I revised the box, for be shure that everything was OK, I found an old camera. I startes taking photos and that's when I started.
-You began with an old camera but when did your photos became famous?
-Well, I was young and I thought it was just a hobby eventhoug I keept all my photos. One day I showed them to my family and to my friends and they were such amazed of my talent that they convince myself to join in a concourse. I did, but I didn't won, though I had the second place! That was my motivation of taking the photographer career.
-Laia I have to tell you that I'm a real fan of you. I follow you in Twuitter, in Facebook, on Instagram and above all your blog.
- Thank you very much Lukas, I'm glad to hear that.
- The last question Laia, with your earlier eighteen years old, What's your idea for the fifth album?
-I was thinking about... a report of all the north countries, you know... the coldnes, the snow... What do you think?
-It's a grate idea, brilliant! We have to let it here. Maybe next day you can come and tell us more about you.
.Sure! I'll be here!
-Fantastic.Thank you very much Laia and thanks to all people are listening us in Radio 15.3 . Have a nice day and keep listening because we don't move! Here's some music for you!

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