Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Review


I recently saw catching fire, the film by Francis Lawrence. It's based on the saga of Sussan Collins called The hunger Games wich it's one of my favourite one.

In the first place I have to compare the first to films because they are absolutely different from my point of view. Without doubts I prefer the first one. It was more exciting and powerful than the second one. On top of that the second was little boring and I expected more than I thought. I stayed there with the hoppeful of what was ging to happen but it was always a lineal story. Maybe because I have readen the book and I kneew the end but I think that this is not the reason why. So, the first one was better than the second one.

It tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, the winer of the 74th Hunger Games that has to return to the arena for the 75th Hunger Games. The second film focus more in the revelution that is taking part to Panem. The preident Snow doesn't like the revelatory breeze she is bringing to the districts and he is going to do everything what is in his hand to make a harder live to Katniss Everdeen. If she doesn't do what he wants, he guaranteed her that will hurt all the persons she love for example to her sister Prim, to her mother, to Gale...

As far as I'm concerned I have to say that the history is so good because I'd nevere expect any book of film like the Hunger Games. It differnt from all the other books I have read and thats why I love them.

I certainly woul'd recomend the books more than the film but I advice you that you can be disappointed with film.

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