Friday, 29 November 2013

Your say


If I’m influenced by celebrities? No way!! Actually they are who are influenced by me!! No, no… I’m joking, I’m joking…
I think that anyone has to be influenced for anyone. In fact, everybody must wear what they really want to wear, his/her fashion. Dress up with what you are comfortable and confident moreover happy and proud of you. What I’m trying to say is that everybody has to be who they are, live his/her life and not the others one.
Imagine a world where everybody is dressing the same style of clothes… If you can imagine it tell me because I have no idea of how it could be. It will be horrible!!
In my point of view celebrities want to stand out from everyone because they normally wear such a strange robes. A very huge among of paparazzi follows them to everywhere and furthermore it’s like they don’t mind at all. That’s because they are living their lives without caring what the followers can opine.
A few years ago, I was upset because everybody talked badly about me because of my bad way of dressing. Nowadays I don’t really take care of it. Do you know why? Because I don’t mind what they say to me now. I’m living my life to my way. And those who doesn’t like it… F*** them! They just criticize you because they don’t know what to do than to pester the weak people. But know you what? You are stronger than you think, more than all those ignorant persons.
Don’t let them influence you, be yourself and do what you what to do without regrets.

Let’s make our fashion!

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