Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Is internet making the world a better place?

Everyone knows what internet is. Even more, it’d be very strange if somebody found someone who hasn’t been on the net. It’s well known that internet has changed our lives and so on with revolutionary terms.
Too many people might consider that internet has only pros to talk about. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so negative or what, but I have more cons than pros on the topic.

Some pros I found, as not to be as pessimist as I think I am, are that internet collects a huge source of information which allows you work easier if you are doing a research work. Moreover, internet has made easier the communication worldwide with people around the world which has been a great tool for all kind of business owners. There are lots of different kinds of pages and with those you can spend your free time, you can make advertisements of anything, buying online and of course to learn online.

Nevertheless internet has too more much challenges that are inopposition. I will give you many examples: some researchers have confirmed with proves that Wi-Fi is unhealthy in many aspects, and not only Wi-Fi, internet can develop mental diseases like depression, being narrow-minded and isolated because of social networks and online addictive games. Further physical problems are the loss of sight due to being on front of the computer or mobile phone and other psychological diseases asthe abuses of internet by being mistreated by other people.
In the same way Internet gives us more possibilities for “The Madness” as well as introducing virus to other computers, collecting extra money than what the companies should, restricting this service to people who can’t allow to pay it so as to the high prices, and so on…
However, the most important points in this controversy part is that we are extre,ely self-assured that all our information we post in the net are save when it doesn’t.

Actually, all this points could not be so considerable to describe how internet is destroying our lives and maybe it’s making a better place but it’s obvious that it’s not for a better future society. It’s true to say that this tool is indefinitely necessary in our daily life but we ought to stop this kind of “Madness” I have talked about. If not, we will have a crisis of the values “respect” and “privacy”.

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