Friday, 10 January 2014

Your Say


Have you ever meet Julia? It’s the most boring people you can ever meet. But it’s the loveliest person I know. We know each other since childhood and you can always trust her because she never says the things you tell her.
Can you imagine a situation where anybody wants to listen to you? So Julia extraordinarily is always there. I told you that she was the most boring person though is the best friend someone could have.
Personally, I think that not everyone is able to make people laugh meanwhile the person is extremely boring. There are two capacities that are very difficult to mix, the boring and the useful person.
Me and Julia get on well since the first sight, maybe because I was alone and she, in that time was interactive that, wanted to come with me to speak, but even though since that time we were like beard wanted honey.

As far as I’m concerned Julia is a very boring person but above all she has a big heart and she is always helping me like other people.

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