Friday, 24 January 2014


Orphan Black by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett is a TV series set in Canada that tells the story of Sarah. The series star that plays this role this paper is Tatiana Maslany.  Sarah is an orphan girl that doesn’t have a fix place to live and she’s moving around. She went to the city where a very good friend lives, Felix (Jordan Gavaris). When she arrived at the station by train, she saw a girl crying. Sarah went to that girl and when she turned around both girls where identic. After that, the girl who was crying suicide himself, she dropped to the train that was entering into the station. Sarah was surprised because of the appearance of that girl. She took the bag the girl let on the platform and took the keys of her house.

Sarah wanted to know why she were too similar and she decided to pretended to be that girl. The plot is gripping because she is living her life without knowing why things happen. Everything is getting sense during the following days moreover when she realizes that they are clones and that they weren’t the only case. The storyline is based on how Sarah will discover why there are clones and why someone is killing them one by one. Besides that, Sarah will need to be carefully in order not to be murdered by this unknown person.

The series is full of mystery and suspense because you get easily to the plot. I really recommend this series for people who like science fiction films and for people who really enjoy looking for the truth. 

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